How many hours of gameplay?

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Does anyone have any official information for how many hours of gameplay infinite has? I've heard 6 and 12-15. Looking for a link to an official number before I purchase it.

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What mode would you play on, and would you be exploring the world or running straight through to get to the next combat section?

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@barrock said:

What mode would you play on, and would you be exploring the world or running straight through to get to the next combat section?

I agree that you must answer these questions first before receiving an answer to your own.

For example, I played the game on Hard and I explored as deeply as I could (and I still missed a couple things along the way) and my final play time was ~15 hours.

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I'd say 12-15 on normal difficulty, depending on how much you explore. Maybe a few more if you play harder difficulties.

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Just shy of 14 hours on normal for me, missing about 15/20 voxophones and ignoring the side quests.

It's also the first game I played through twice in like forever, and I liked it even more the second time.

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Looks like I put 13 hours in it on hard.

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It took me ~13 Hours on hard, exploring the beginning and mainlining the the last third of the game. On normal if you plow through it missing everything i can see a 6 hour time, but you aren't a crazy person....are you?

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My first playthrough was 25 hours. Playing on hard, the combat wasn't much of a challenge but I couldn't stop looking at stuff and listening to stuff. I'm on my second playthrough right now and so far I've spent 8 hours collecting 2,000 screenshots from the first two Acts.

So... you could totally play it on easy and put blinders on and blast through it in 6 to 8 hours, I'd imagine, but why would you want to do that?

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I beat it in 10. It mostly depends on how you play the game. If you put it on Medium and rush through to the end without exploring the environment, listening to the voxophones, or just looking around you, then it probably will be a six-hour thing. If you look in every nook and cranny and look at your surroundings and do it on Hard, then it could easily be a fifteen hour game.

You would be doing yourself a terrible disservice by learning more toward the former than the latter. Trust me, you want to look around and explore and listen to things, though I wouldn't really recommend doing it on Hard. The combat is pretty fun but I found that I enjoyed it more when I switched to Medium about three quarters of they way through.

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Eight hours on hard. Depends on the person. I'd probably say it's a ten hour experience.

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my play through on hard was 20 hours. i spent a lot of time hanging out in the different areas and collecting things and enjoying the scenery. i also played with a controller so i was able to walk through a lot of places and get a cinematic experience. my friend slammed through it on normal mode and beat it in 10.

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I played on normal and would have spent about 12+ hours, but I spent a lot of time just slowly walking through environments as I explored them. :P

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I played on easy and if still took me about 13 hours to get through. I did. Shit tonne of exploring.

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My playthrough on Hard came in at 20 hours after really taking my time to marvel at pretty much every facet of the world. But I could definitely halve that time on my next run.

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just over 11 hours for me. I missed a few explorable buildings near the end though as i was rushing to see the story through.

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I think I must have been making a beeline for the main storyline because according to Steam I beat it in 9.5 hours on medium.

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I finished it in 16 hours in normal, but I almost walk everywhere while exploring and I explored everything and did all the side quests.

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I played on normal and it took me about 20 hours. But, I did play it very slowly. And I only died, like, 3 to 5 times.

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After hoovering up cotton candy in bins and furtively searching for lockpicks while occasionally being distracted by manshoots on hard, I reckon about 15 hours.

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Holy shit, just left this thing up here and went to sleep, didn't think i'd get comments at that time of night. I'll prob play it on hard. Explore moderatly

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14 hours at a fairly meandering pace, seeing the sights and looking for Voxaphones.

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~13 hours on normal on my first playthrough. I'm like Vinny though; I check every nook and cranny twice before moving to the next room. Judging by my infusion count though, I still seem to have missed a ton of unexplored areas.

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I think I beat it in a little over ten, something like that. I play through this type of game quickly though. I don`t get much in the way of enjoyment from finding little side bits of content, nor do I enjoy the slower methodical play style finding those things normally requires.

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I think the unofficial count is about 12ish. As for the official count you ought to write Ken Levine.

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Whaat it took me like 2 weeks to beat it! I was up all night for hours on end playing it on easy mode. About halfway, I gave up on the lock pick and side quests and didn't bother looking for money in the dead corpses, barrels, etc. I'd say it's a pretty long game!

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12-15 sounds about right. If you aren't exploring the environments and are just running from fight to fight I'm sure you can blast through it in 8-10 though, or less depending on combat tactics.

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