How much longer does this game have? (minor spoilers)

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I just recently got this game from the current Steam sale, and while I liked it initially it's really wearing on me now that I'm at the Vox Populi revolution. I still want to complete it because I want to experience the ending for myself (somehow I've avoided all spoilers about it), but I'm not sure how much longer I can soldier through all the shooting galleries. How many hours would you guys say the game has left from when you get told to visit Lady Comstock's grave?

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You are probably about 3/4 of the way through. I found it really fast from this point on. I personally felt the same way you did, was getting bored of the shooting galleries. On a positive note, the last part of the game is unique, and you can totally power through. Stick with it! Ending is worth it.

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You got over the most grueling slog of the game and is where I got to in one sitting before I asked the same question. You still got about 3-4 hours to go though, so you may need to take a break if you have been playing all day. Depending on how you are equipped the last level can be a bitch to get through too.

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@crusader8463: @jslack: Good to know, I think I'll break for today and then finish it up tomorrow. Thanks.

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hmmmmm depends, this is closer to the end, but could be a lot of "wait took a wrong turn where am I suppose to go? Oh wait, found the grave no wait I'm not suppose to be here." Like this is the same point Vinny spent on finishing Bioshock Infinite for the spoiler video, so maybe an hour and a half's worth.

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When they did the ending stream, that's where Vinny started from.

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