I have less than a week to preorder before $20 expires

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I got a $20 coupon thing from Best Buy that expires before the game comes out. If I'm going to get the game anyway I should preorder and knock some money off the price.

Everything I have seen about the game has me hyped. Has anyone heard anything that would make me not buy the game? I don't want to drop some money on the game only to find out it was merely okay. I gamefly games that are "simply okay" since I'm on a budget.

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I don't know, man. The hands-on stuff from reviewers a few months back was really positive across the board.

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You may as well if you are going to buy the game day 1 anyway and get $20 off. Though pre-ordering itself is a pretty stupid model alltogether, if you are gonna save money on it I could see why.

Bioshock Infinite is definitely the only game coming out anytime soon worth getting, so I'd say your choice is sound.

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From what you know, do you think that the game is worth $40 assuming that you will spend 60 and get 20 back?

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How do you feel about the other Shock games? For me, I know I had to preorder this. I think at very least, you'll get a game with an interesting setting.

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When will game impressions start coming out for the game? When will reviewers start to play the game and post obscure tweets?

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Dude, just do it. Stop fretting. If you're hyped then you're hyped.

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@golguin: You got a coupon man, just do it. Normally I think pre-orders are wei stupid but if you're getting 1/3 of the price off you might as well do it. Chances are if not anything else the story will be pretty good.

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Don't preorder. How many times has all the early buzz been positive about a game, only to have it be underwhelming? (Full disclosure: I expect that this game is going to be disappointing.)

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@kerned: I have a feeling it will be just like the original Bioshock - a really fleshed out world with a great story and lackluster combat.

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Yeah, go for it!

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Infinite comes out in about a week now right? I just want to be sure and not get burned. Using $15 for gamefly is still less than $40 with my gift card/coupon thing.

If it's really good embargos should be lifted days before release right?

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