Installation problem, advice anyone?

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I bought a physical collector's edition on and tried to install, Steam kicks in and stops the installation saying that the game hasn't been released. Of course, the game was released in March. Now it is just sitting in my Steam library with "preload" option.

I emailed Steam support and 2K support and no response. It's been 4 days. Anyone have this problem???

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Check your PCs clock, is it set to the wrong date and time?

Make sure Steam is updated.

Log in and log out of steam.

That's all I can think of, you'll probably hear something from Steam support tomorrow since it's Monday. Good luck.

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Time and date of my PC is correct, Steam is updated. Logged in and out, but didn't help. Should I "preload?" Anyway, thank you for your thoughts. I really hope they respond, I've managed to avoid spoilers so far, but just really want to play.

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You should try restarting the steam client and then contact Steam support. 2K will not be able to help you with this.

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Well, I tried restarting. I sent a support ticket 5 days ago. I guess I need to wait. Has anyone even heard of this happening?

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Did you try asking here? I've never heard of this problem before, but I don't see the harm in trying to preload anyway. It's unfortunate that Steam Support is taking so long for you; I never had to wait that long for them to respond.

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Wait, have you actually clicked "Preload"? If this is the first time you have used Steam, you need to confirm you are ready to do the download and unlocking by clicking Preload. Depending on your network speed and machine's processor it can take a bit of time to unencyrpt.

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I put the disc in my machine, the install started, I put in my code, it is valid, shortly later the install stops, and the Steam prompt said that the install could not complete because the game has not been released. But you can preload it, so that when it is released the game will be available for you. Something to that effect. But, I didn't want the problem to be worse, so I thought I would wait and see what I am supposed to do.

Preloading is just for games that have yet to be released, but allow you to download the files in advance to help with server traffic right? I mean, this game has almost been out a month. Why would I preload it now?

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