Irrational Would Love it if You'd Party With BioShock Infinite's New '1999 Mode'

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#101 Posted by Encephalon (1561 posts) -

Doesn't sound like my kinda party, but I'll try just about anything once. >_>

#102 Posted by Zaapp1 (709 posts) -

A chance to play more Bioshock? Sounds good to me.

#103 Posted by I_smell (4216 posts) -

Y'know... I'm actually glad we're passed the point that every Bioshock headline has "Would You Kindly" in it.

#104 Posted by VoshiNova (2161 posts) -

@Phobos said:


I'm all 1998.

You're all 1999 and late.

BOOM BOOM POW, these duders jockin' my syle, they try and copy my swagger - I gotta go fap fap now

#105 Posted by NickTheZombie (57 posts) -

@Rox360: It's a fairly self-explanatory image, so familiarity with the meme makes zero difference.

Your argument regarding the space taken up is totally fair, though. The reason I posted the full size version was that GB's image posting is busted in Chrome and that was the only way I could post it.

#106 Posted by Forderz (286 posts) -

This has made this game a must buy for me. I LOVE being able to screw myself over!

#107 Posted by ffdthree (204 posts) -

I have a masochistic obsession when it comes to video games. I yearn for intense situations in games. This will do it for me! Thanks, Sir Levine!

#108 Posted by Mascot (7 posts) -

I think this needs to become a more common way of naming game modes. If you were going to make a joke about Irrational putting in a mode like this, this sounds like name you'd almost HAVE to use.

#109 Posted by laugurinn (77 posts) -

this sounds awesome. now I will have to get this.

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