Is Bioshock Infinite worth ritually sacrificing my PS3?

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So I have relatively low income and tend to redbox things. The latest of these dirty rotten rentals being Bioshock Infinite for PS3.

So I put the game in, boot it up, and after starting a new game I got maybe ten seconds of the opening before it crashed to full on blinking red light.

Now I have a 80gig, backwards compatible, motorstorm bundle PS3 so I've had this happen before with more recent game demos and Infamous 1.

That copy of Motorstorm is still in the wrapper.

So after installing Bioshock 1 and playing through an old save of that for a while I tried booting up infinte again and to my great shock it worked past that 10 second mark and I ended up getting to the first checkpoint before it crashed again.

The save data was fine so I went through the process of getting the ps3 back to normal and gave it another go. Low and behold it made it to the second checkpoint and a little bit after that before another crash.

It's crashed at this new point three or four times now and I'm wondering if I should continue this uphill battle, try and find a save file online just past the current crash point, or just forget about it and turn the rental in now.

Early game spoiler:

The current crash point is when Booker has a flashback to sitting in his office. He gets a knock on his door and when I open the door to see all the mad splendor it takes a second or two of the spectacle and crashes.

So basically I'm asking if infinite really is worth all the hassle and horrid abuse of my limping and decrepit PS3?

Know some crazy voodoo fix for these problems?

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Bioshock Infinite is a really good game. A really, really good game. I say it's worth it, playing it on your dying PS3. Though I hope for your sake that somehow the PS3 pulls through and everything goes well for you.

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It's a good game and it has a plot worth finding out for yourself(and not having it spoiled to you in some silly manner), but It's not amazing and it's not an experience you must have right now because honestly enough the gameplay is just bioshock set in a new city so it's up to you.

#4 Posted by believer258 (12819 posts) -

It's a great game, but that would be no way to play even the greatest of games.

Honestly, I would say do your absolute best to avoid spoilers of any sort until you can find a way to play without such problems. Borrow a friend's PS3 if you must.

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do it do it do it !!! im half way through the game and its been a great game !

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From what I played so far not at all. I say wait until you have a more stable way to play it.

#7 Posted by LackingSaint (1992 posts) -

It doesn't matter how good the game is, if you're going to be crashing all the time it'll be a sucky experience.

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