Let's All Watch BioShock Infinite's E3 Demo Together

#101 Posted by TomTheRealist (189 posts) -

Got half way through the gameplay and had to stop. I've got to save it for the game! Damn curiosity! That was one hell of a surprise; I wish I hadn't seen it.

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The player is a super-man bullet sponge, but it still looks great (other than the GTTV interludes ;) ).

#103 Posted by sagesebas (2230 posts) -
@Unchained: Just so you knnow it was fucking amazing, and I know amazing gets used as a hyperbole a lot, but this was truly amazing.
#104 Posted by aceofspudz (937 posts) -

Ad...Buffering...buffering...ad...buffering. Forget it. Screw gametrailers.

#105 Posted by Slaker117 (4857 posts) -

So that was pretty cool, but I kind of get the feeling that this will be one of those games that I rather not play. Hope I'm wrong because world all looked really interesting, but that combat seemed plentiful and not great. My least favorite thing about Bioshock was the part where you shoot dudes.

#106 Posted by Tesla (2020 posts) -

I feel dirty after visiting Gametrailers to watch that. Bioshock looks great, but damn...I need a shower.

Thank you Giant Bomb for not being a shitty website.

#107 Posted by fillmoejoe (1545 posts) -

Great demo, I just wish it was the full uncut footage.

#108 Posted by familyphotoshoot (703 posts) -

It seems like they're doing an amazing job at getting you attached to the characters. This is only 15 minutes worth of footage, but I'm already feeling an incredibly strong bond between Elizabeth and Booker.

Can't wait to play this.

#109 Posted by JackG100 (427 posts) -

The shooting still looks boring, as it was in Bioshock, and I never did understand why Bioshock got such high praise. The game looked nice, but other than that and some nice environments it was just plain boring.

#110 Posted by DT9k (162 posts) -

Throw some dubstep under that interview, dawg

#111 Posted by xanavi (205 posts) -


I think for the sake of the demo they had godmode on.

#112 Posted by donkeyclaws (9 posts) -

How can people even complain about the gunplay in Bioshock? I thought the entire game was a masterpiece, and anyone who complains about that is, I believe, just trying to find something to nit-pick about. The combat looks great, the story looks great, the graphics look great, the entire game looks great.

#113 Posted by tweetspot (183 posts) -

dude made getting around look very easy... i have a lot of questions

#114 Posted by Redsox44 (519 posts) -
@Anthony: Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking. Which is awesome!
#115 Posted by blacklab (1723 posts) -

Wow, both design and gameplay seem really amazing. Some of it seemed a bit 'on rails', but that could have been the demo guy just following a sort of script for the preso.

#116 Posted by Origina1Penguin (3521 posts) -

@TheMasterDS said:

Fuck G4TV, I want to see the goddamn demo, not the demo intercut with interviews. I can get interviews any time I like! I don't need them here too!

GameTrailers TV airs on Spike, not G4TV. Anyways, YouTube users usually get a video up pretty quick with the undesirable parts cut out.

#117 Posted by DeF (5229 posts) -

@JackG100: you don't seem to care much for a highly immersive atmosphere and a fascinating world then? (plus this time there are also interesting character dynamics with Liz and Booker talking).

#118 Posted by defaulttag (903 posts) -

Can't wait for more footage. More tears to different times! Bioshock 'Infinite,' could mean this game could be A LOT MORE than just Columbia.

#119 Posted by filtersweep (17 posts) -


holy shit

#120 Posted by Yummylee (23495 posts) -

Looks pretty great. Not quite a 'jawdropping jizz in my pants' reaction like some, but it's certainly impressive. Very curious to see if the full game will be as dynamic as that, with Booker and Elizabeth having just as much potential dialogue depending on how you choose to handle a situation. 
I also think the shooting looks awesome, though I did previously get a lot of the fun out of both BioShock's shooting mechanics I'll admit, so I'm already well accustomed. The shotgun looked so effin' powerful too, and judging from this trailer could become one of my all time favourite shotguns in gaming.

#121 Posted by Terjay (851 posts) -


#122 Posted by glanesb (165 posts) -

Holy Shit

#123 Posted by HowDire (286 posts) -

Jeez I couldn't be any more excited for this. Take my money NOWWWWW

#124 Posted by redbliss (669 posts) -

I am on media blackout for this game. As much as I would love to watch this, I cant. I am sure the demo is great though.

#125 Posted by darkjester74 (1610 posts) -

Great video.  I could do without the Keighley, more Levine please.  Also, what happened with the promise of uninterrupted footage?  Oh well, it is GT we are talking about.

#126 Posted by Milkman (18003 posts) -


#127 Posted by gbpackers94 (124 posts) -

This looks hard as shit.

#128 Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG (4313 posts) -

who was the voice actor that voiced Booker?  the shooting doesnt look engaging but i guess its because the person playing the demo was playing on god mode the whole time

#129 Posted by BenderUnit22 (1657 posts) -

Looks incredible, although I'm a bit skeptical on how heavily this demo is controlled. The guy was taking a ton of damage and would've died if not for god mode, plus they seemed to respawn infinitely. I'm also not quite sure with these huge environments how much you could potentially miss going just the straight path (like, if he didn't stop that execution, would they have been able to avoid combat at all or what?)

#130 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -

I never game a shit about Bioshock, but this looks awesome.

#131 Posted by Sooty (8195 posts) -

Looks good but I hope the combat handles better, looks like it'll play really similar to BioShock and I didn't like the shooting too much in that game.

#132 Edited by Ramone (3076 posts) -

Wobble bass. Jeff needs to get on this shit.

EDIT: Something about this looks strange. Elizabeth's voice, body animations and face don't match up. Plus Elizabeth just looks weird also not sure how some of the dialogue and other stuff is going to trigger. In a way it seems like some of that stuff is too good to be true. Graphically though it's pretty impressive.

#133 Posted by Artie (857 posts) -

Featuring a soundtrack from the new Ridge Racer game.

#134 Posted by Link06 (20 posts) -

I actually find it sort of boring to be honest, couldn't finish the video.  

#135 Posted by Arath (58 posts) -
@DeadDorf said:

The player is a super-man bullet sponge, but it still looks great (other than the GTTV interludes ;) ).

I have a feeling for demo purposes invincibility may have been enabled, there were a few times where I was sure his life bar (that thing at the top) hit zero and he was still kicking, though to be fair that could be something else. 
 Regardless this game is breathtaking I don't know how they can sustain this kind of involvement over a period of 8 hours plus. Not to mention I loved the twist with the rift where it takes them to the future?! Holy shit if for nothing else I want to see how the story plays out.
#136 Posted by Sammo21 (4215 posts) -

So...what happened to the big mechanical dude with a mustache from the original teaser? Have they ditched him?

#137 Posted by christ0phe (1033 posts) -

How do you control the skyline stuff?  That looks insane

#138 Posted by hakunin (412 posts) -

@the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG: Sounded a lot like Troy Baker to me.

#139 Posted by Alphazero (1640 posts) -

Wow. I'm going to buy this so hard.

#140 Posted by DriveupLife (1151 posts) -

That demo really left me at a loss for words. I can't wait to play this game.

#141 Posted by dcgc (916 posts) -

Looks astonishing!

#142 Posted by dagas (3078 posts) -

Cool, but how much of that will be in the game? Looked very scripted.

Also I preferred the more stylized goth look Elizabeth had last year to her new look.

Looks promising though.

#143 Posted by SnakeEyes327 (350 posts) -

@dagas said:

Cool, but how much of that will be in the game? Looked very scripted.

Also I preferred the more stylized goth look Elizabeth had last year to her new look.

Looks promising though.

They haven't changed her look at all.

#144 Posted by Entmoot (130 posts) -

Will buy for PC.

#145 Posted by siddarth0605 (161 posts) -

day 1 buy confirmed. time to go into blackout

#146 Posted by Olivaw (1226 posts) -

God, Gametrailers player is such garbage.

#147 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5290 posts) -

Looks awesome. I'm hoping there will be at least some guidance system in the game, of course jumping blindly onto rails not knowing where you'll end up sounds pretty cool too.

#148 Posted by Xpgamer7 (2455 posts) -

Starting to see how you play this, the little locators, the thinking behind it. It's really intriguing.

#149 Posted by ArchTeckGuru8 (239 posts) -

seeing this on gttv but on this website is.... ominous

#150 Posted by LiquidSwords (2728 posts) -

Can't wait!

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