Need some advice so i can party like its 1999

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Now im not the bestest at these games and i died more than my fair share on hard. For some unkonwn reason i want to party like its 1999 and should probably take some advice from all you "PROs" out there. Does anyone have any tips for the 1999 mode? Any good effective tactics for different enemies you found during your playthroughs. Which infusion is the most advantageous? Just any good advice to help another out during their voyage?

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I'm assuming this was meant to be posted under the Bioshock Infinite forun, so I call upon the mods to rectify this.


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@azteck: I remember setting it to the Bioshock Infinite forum, it must of been changed to GD when i edited my post D:

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@thebunnyhunter: Yeah lots of people run into that issue, so it's no big deal. It'll just get moved and it'll be alright.

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I haven't played the game but it must be pretty dope because I read that whole post and have no idea about what any of it could possibly mean.

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Throw back as much MadDog 2020 until your heart and liver give out and you die.

Ohhhhhh. Bioshock? I have no idea. This really needs to be moved.

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possession is your best pal. RPG duders are fucking tanks on 1999, but one possess and they'll suicide.

Make fucking sure you're prepared for the first handyman fight. I walked into it with a pistol and a sniper rifle.

Hope to god you find the invulnerable after skyrailing gear.

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It's quite rough, especially early on before the shield, just make sure to kill people first then pick up loot after unless really needing health. Also get used to possessing & running past the first two turrets as taking them on is very rough on this mode.

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