Question About a Certain Point in the Game. SPOILERZ

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Okay, stop reading if you haven't beaten the game...


Okay, remember that part in the game where you're exiting that kid place with all the duke and dimwit machine, you meet a lady by the turnstile exit who mistakes Liz for an "Annabelle"? Do you think this event is foreshadowing what's to come, or is there some other meaning that feeds into the narrative? I mean, why would someone think she was Anna unless they had previously met in another universe? I'd like theories on this, since I haven't seen a discussion about this moment yet, and it seems like a big thing to overlook.

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The girls who says "Annabelle" is a Comstock agent. She is there to ascertain Elizabeth's identity and trigger the ambush. Being ordered to use the name "Annabelle" was Comstock tipping his hand.

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Wait, that seems like its true, but after getting a every voxotron/getting the platinum trophy, I never ran across someone explaining that. Where did you get this from?

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At the time I just assumed the agent just did that so Elizabeth would correct her and confirm who she is.

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The Voxophone you pick up immediately after the ambush is the girl who said "Annabelle" talking about her being sent there by Comstock to act on one of his visions. She mentions the day not being right which implies that the ambushers have been waiting for quite a while. The "Annabelle" dialogue must have been the way Comstock ordered her to confirm the identity of Elizabeth and the false shepherd.

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