Quick question about a quote from this game.

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So, I had always wondered why it was said, but, there's a point in the game, where a woman over PA is describing Booker, and calls him a mulatto dwarf, or a frenchman with a missing eye. So, I do know what mulatto is (now that I looked it up), but the 'missing eye' and 'dwarf' are the ones that I didn't understand. Why would anyone think Booker was a dwarf, or was missing an eye, or was it just a comment to say "this person isn't a part of us and isn't welcome"? I played Infinite on release, but I didn't ask until now because I kind of just wanted to figure it out myself, but I gave up.

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It was kind of satire on how people don't really see other people they don't know for who they are and when needing to they may over exaggerate when describing the person.

I took it more as satire than anything else. It was really funny when I heard that said and I can't really think of it being meant as anything beyond that. I mean, it is also another heavy pointer to the fact that Columbia is full of racists, too, but ya logically it makes little sense since it wouldn't actually pin point Booker at all.

It doesn't matter, though. Comstock already made it clear that Booker would be coming and gave the best way to spot him- by the tattoo on his hand. Everything else is just periphery at that point.

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I think the implication is that it's to throw them off. I cant remember exactly but isnt the voice on the PA one of the twins?

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Yeah I'm pretty sure that woman on the PA is Rosalind Lutece, so she's just messing with people.

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Personally I thought it was because Columbia is a pretty racist place, so the people who witnessed the scene of the first "crime" committed by Booker in their fear and panic, never really noticed how he actually looked and instead just explained to the police how they perceive an evil person to look.

There is another part where you can listen to one describe Booker in a house to the police, and as far as I remember the description isn't accurate at all.

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@hayt: @corruptedevil: @village_guy: Huh, that's really fascinating. It doesn't sound like Rosalind Lutece, though it doesn't have to, but if it is, that's interesting. I've never heard that assumption before, it certainly was never revealed as such, nor now that I look on the wiki is it said that that's the case, so I can only see it as an interesting assumption which would make sense. As for that part where the cop is jotting down a picture of him, to me, and I know I'm not the only one that thought this, I thought the picture looked a lot like Andrew Ryan, which was weird.

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@ntm: I actually just played that part and the drawing is weird, especially since the woman comments that he has red, curly hair and was probably Irish, which the drawing in no way reflects.

I never thought about it looking like Andrew Ryan though, but that makes a lot of sense, since I couldn't really reconcile who it looked like...

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