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#1 Posted by Conker (885 posts) -

So I know there are supposed to be at least 3 DLC packs for this game, and you can buy the season pass etc etc

Now my question is, and this is from ignorance stemming from the fact that this will be my first DLC ever, but can I buy the season pass say, AFTER, all three DLCs are released?

#2 Posted by crimsinf (156 posts) -

I can't say specifically for this game, but I've never heard of a company discontinuing a season pass once the DLC comes out. You should be able to wait until all of it is out and then buy the pass.

#3 Posted by Evilsbane (4973 posts) -

I bought it simply because on a 1999 mode the upgrade for the pistol and machine gun are rad and I trust the DLC will be worthwhile so hopefully they don't drop the ball but if you like it and plan on playing hard sure why not. First DLC I've ever bought so hope it pans out!

#4 Posted by huntad (2064 posts) -

Speaking from knowledge of how past games have handled season passes, you'll probably be able to wait and buy it once all of the pieces of dlc are released. Speaking specifically to this game, it hasn't been officially stated how long the season pass will be available.

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