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Post em if you got em, lets keep it at two pictures per post so scrolling wont become unbearable at some point, eh?

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For those who still navigate websites using a mouse, yes.

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At least let the guy with the screenshots make the thread first.

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Do we need a separate thread since we have a PC screenshot thread already?

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@the_laughing_man:There has always been separate thread for specific popular PC games releases. If someone has an issue with this one then go report all of the others too.

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So it begins, hallelujah.

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I know this bit has already been posted, but I waited around a bit to get those cart thingies in the shot, so ya'll are gonna enjoy them!

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All right, I'll post a couple of shots I posted in the regular screenshot thread; I think two screens is a bit stringent, but oh well. I'll go with some lighthouse shots, since no one's posted any so far:

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Downsampled from 2560x1600 to 1920x1200

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The cartoonish Dishonored style is strong with this one...

Big negative for me right there.

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This game sure is a stunner. Shows what good art direction can do for your game.

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The happy couple.

Downsampled from 2560x1600 to 1920x1200 with SweetFX

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Helping out, Elizabeth way

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Are pictures that can spoil allowed? Played it safe and decided not to post any of those.

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My screenshot folder is full of a million pictures of Elizabeth for reasons I can't quite explain. Here, take one, I've got plenty.

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So, Songbird and the Handyman are literally Big Daddys?

Combined with the audiologs, both the cyborgs and the vigors are the result of observing Rapture through the tears. Theory: Bioshock universe might be a tad smaller than the word "infinite" suggests.

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Knee-jerk thought: Brazzers logo.

Or are we only allowed to make that joke about pictures of men because doing it to women is sexist? (see what I did there?)

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Man, the PC version looks really good.

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@alpha1 said:

The bright blue and white sky is such an awesome change from all the dark gray in games lately. It really brings the city more to life.

That said, I wish there was an actual nighttime level in the game, seeing all these floating buildings with lit up windows and maybe the skyline lit up as well would be really cool looking. Maybe in the DLC.

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So is Elizabeth supposed to look like Belle from Beauty and the Beast?

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This one scene probably costs more to create than most people make in a year.

I love me some good light shafts.

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@somedelicook: The later parts of the game do take place at night.

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I'm so glad I played on PC. I had to play on low for most of the game, but it's still better than the console version.

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This game just looks ridiculously good... (So glad I nabbed a new PC recently)

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Found some sweet posters.

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GTX470, everything on highest except shadows. No AA because I play 12 feet from my TV and don't need it at that distance.

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Couple more, these with AA on.

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I believe that's the icon that flashes when you take a screenshot using the Steam App. I've never noticed it actually showing up in the images before, though. Huh.

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After digging through the folders, here is my contribution:

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