Spoilers: Both for Infinite and for an early PS2 game

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Quick, go out and play every early PS2 game, in case this spoils anything. Also, go play BioShock Infinite.

The PS2 game in question is Metal Gear Solid 2. Ready?

Just like how BioShock Infinite reveals that there are certain constants in all BioShocks, there are constants in the Metal Gear Solid series. There's always a man, always a location to infiltrate, and always a zany cast of militants. There's always Solid Snake, always an elevator sequence at the beginning, etc. They reveal as much in MGS2, and that was the grand design of both MGS2 and Infinite. Trippy, huh?

[Please don't try to tell me how MGS3 and MGS4 don't do this.]

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Um, no?

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Insomuch as it's a commentary on all sequels, sure. But no.

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@wrighteous86 said:

Insomuch as it's a commentary on all sequels, sure. But no.

Yeah, it's more of a commentary than a parallel.

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