Stuck on a tough boss (SPOILERS up to the "handprint" scene)

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Okay, spoiling in one 1, 2, Lady Comstock is driving me up the wall. Can barely damage her before she resurrects all the enemies. I've tried only focusing on her, trying to take out the enemies before I go after her, and hiding behind cover and slowly chipping off her health. Nothings working.

I'm doing this on Hard, and it's too late in the game to give up for that achievement.

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I'm not sure how well this strat is gonna work since the clothing you find is actually random when you pick it up and you may not have the item in question yet. But the thing that let me beat these imo extremely bullshit fights on hard, was the piece of clothing that gives you "brief" invincibility after eating/healing. The description says brief but in reality it's seriously like a 10 second buff of invincibility, more than enough time to just stand in front of her with a shotgun and blast the crap out of her about 4 times before you have to leave and go find something else to eat.

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It's the only part of the game I had to play on Medium. Good luck.

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playing on 1999, I had about 1.6k walking into that fight.

I walked out with zero ammo, no health, and 87 bucks to my name.

Eventually she stops respawning her minons, once you kill them enough times.

You get to fight her twice more, but she has a lot less hp in the next fights.

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Wow this section was absolute bullshit! I died about 12 times.

The way I did it was to run between the health packs under the archway and the ledge up the stairs, once up the stairs i launched the fireball vigor at her (i had the upgrades for it so its like a scatterbomb). After about 10 throws she dropped.

There was times I had to run around looking for vigour bottles.

Slight spoilers but you fight her again infront of the doorscanner where you need her hand and she seemd much easier to defeat that time.

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I used crows to distract the minions and just wailed on her with RPG ammo.

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Yeah, I hated these fights. Worst part of the game in my opinion. The first one is the hardest by far, since there's no Dollar Bill to fall back to. I ended up using electrical or fire attacks as my final blow against the minions, get their bodies to disintegrate and Lady Comstock won't reanimate them. You can also interrupt her Raise Dead by shooting her a bunch. She turns corporeal when she does it and takes a bunch more damage. There's also some weapons stashed behind the tombstones that might help.

The second and third time are way easier. Both have Dollar Bills, make sure you have enough cash to keep you supplied. There's way more corpses around for her to Raise though, disintegrating bodies didn't seem to help.

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I forget what it's called but the vigor that lets you reflect damage. Use it. For this and every other hard encounter for the rest of the game.

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