The brilliant balancing act of Episode 2 (Spoilers)

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I know that this should probably just go as a comment somewhere, but I felt the need to make a topic out of it. Burial at Sea Episode 2 obviously ties into the original Bioshock in a huge way, as mostly shown through the ending and Elizabeth's final decision. Considering that the Infinite series deals with multiverses and constant dimension hopping, the tie to Rapture could have blown everything out of perspective and made the events of the original Bioshock to seem incredibly less important just in comparison. I really think that Irrational should be congratulated on their deft writing that not only successfully closed the cycle between the two worlds, but also made the original Bioshock still have a significant story, even if it is without dimension-hopping.

(Also, is it just me, or do Irrational seem to think that Bioshock 2 doesn't exist? It was an incredibly unnecessary sequel, but there were still some interesting ideas there).

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