Was there a post credits cut scene in Burial at Sea Ep 2?

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Hey duders,

Just finished Burial at Sea episode 2 and I thought it was pretty good.. However, my game crashed in the middle of the credits.. If I remember right the vanilla game had a post credits cut scene.. did Burial at Sea ep 2 have one? If so, what did I miss?


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I skipped the credits with esc and it just went back to the menu

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Yes, but you didn't miss much. You can find it on youtube.

It's just a panorama of Rapture with the tail-end of the plane from Bioshock 1 sinking in the distance.

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on a side note, those are WICKED LONG Credits for a DLC.

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@crithon: Don't worry, next irrational credits roll will be much shorter.

Too soon?

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