Why call it BioShock, though?

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#51 Posted by JasonR86 (10028 posts) -

Brand recognition = profits!
#52 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6651 posts) -

Guys, we made one of the most critically acclaimed games of the past decade and people are willing to buy a sequel to it based on brand recognition alone.


#53 Posted by allworkandlowpay (916 posts) -

It's quite possible it's named Bioshock because, well, it may actually be in the Bioshock timeline. With this new time rift plot point, its very possible this once seemingly isolated storyline could be intrinsically linked to the pretense of the first game, or possibly even a new direction for the future game.

#54 Posted by SeriouslyNow (8504 posts) -

Why not just call it what it really should be called?

System Shock 2 but in the sky at the turn of the century the sequel to System Shock 2 but underwater in the 50s.

#55 Posted by RiotBananas (3822 posts) -
#56 Posted by keyhunter (3209 posts) -

Brraaaaand recognition.

#57 Posted by redbliss (669 posts) -

Part of the reason is marketing, but why were the first two named Bioshock? I think it has to be because of the biological developments in the plasmids. The same thing is also happening in Infinite and the plasmids are still central to the gameplay of that game, so why not keep the name Bioshock. I really wouldnt be surprised if Bioshock was just used from the start.
#58 Posted by Adziboy (726 posts) -


I'll stop now.

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