You Didn't Really Want to Play BioShock Infinite This Year Anyway, Right?

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Good. Don't give us unfinished products just to make an early release *cough* Diablo 3 *cough*

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@gamefreak9 said:

@Warchief said:

Its cool, I can play Diablo III until next year.

Hey, this. So much of this.

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It's gonna be fucking Kinect support, watch.

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More time to polish and work on the game is always better, time is always a limited resource for game developers.

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Multiplayer? Please God...

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oh man... hope they use the time well for more polish

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Well at least there will be AC3, Borderlands 2, Black Ops 2 which looks pretty cool and being different from the usual COD repetitive crap. In a way since AC3 and especially Borderlands 2 which will be incredibly long play through, having Bioshock Infinite pushed back will give less stress on completing the others games too quickly.

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@chilipeppersman said:

@Gamer_152: agreed, but its good they arent rushing it out like another call of duty or assassins creed.

That really wasn't the direction Irrational were going in with it anyway. Bioshock has thankfully not yet veered anywhere near that territory of annual release, in fact the very large majority of game series haven't. It's just the few examples we have seen of series that do, happen to be very popular.

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@G24S said:

Multiplayer? Please God...

I betcha it is.

It might even be awesome. Some good skyhooking maps would be fun.

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@Blackhebrew2 said:

I hope this doesn't become Duke Nukem Forever again though, as I actually like Bioshock.

I feel like some people are lacking perspective.

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Maybe the opportunities are next gen systems?

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I wonder if it has anything to with the PS Move features he talked about at E3

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Not really worrying. My tears will dry on their own.

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damm you GTA

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Glad to see them move out of the holiday area.

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Well crap.

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@Napalm said:

@Blackhebrew2 said:

I hope this doesn't become Duke Nukem Forever again though, as I actually like Bioshock.

I feel like some people are lacking perspective.

4 months, 14 years, what's the difference?

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New opportunity?

Kinect support. YOUR WELCOME.

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Oh well, maybe I'll be done playing Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2 by then....Maybe...

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Just more time for Borderlands 2 now. Will patiently wait until they feel this title is ready for release. If it is anything like the quality of Bioshock 1 then it will be a gem anyways.

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Max Payne 3, Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2. I'm set up till the end of the year. Who needs diversity?!

#174 Posted by DougCL (218 posts) -

whatever those dudes need to do, man.

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Don't fail me, Ken Levine.

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They're putting a new engine on it?

#177 Posted by Aaron_G (1617 posts) -

I am fine with this.

#178 Posted by Max_Cherry (1150 posts) -

Ohh Alex... I want you to break all the gaming industries bad news to me with your snarky titles.

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This is truly upsetting.

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@klimdeeni: ok, that's cool. But are you sure about The Last of US? what the hell has Sony for the end of the year then?
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Levine's wording makes it sound like they might be adding some form of mutiplayer. He has always said in the past that putting effort into making multiplayer would only be worth it if they could come up with something wildly different and worth playing.

The wording, "uncovered opportunities to make Infinite into something even more extraordinary" appears to match that sentiment, and now they'll need the extra time to flesh out the multiplaer/co-op.

Obviously, this is extreme speculation on my part, and it is most likely more time to improve the story/gameplay/whatever.

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I just hope it's genuinely irrational polishing the game up rather than say, 2k finding the material covered in it too controversial and forcing them to tone it down.

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More time for Borderlands 2 and Blops 2 I suppose.

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Red flag red flag red flag!

#186 Posted by ScreamingFist (368 posts) -

Red flag red flag red flag!

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*checks calendar*


*shrugs, passes out*

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Well, the world ends this year, so I guess it will be an INFINITE amount of time before this game comes out.

Because it won't, because the world ends.


Up top guys, come on.

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No Alex, I did want to play BioShock Infinite this year.

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Still not finished Bioshock and I want to play Bioshock 2 after that so I'm more than happy to wait.

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Geez. How hard is it to make an on-rails sequel?

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A day after my birthday :)

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gamescom it is then.

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This was supposed to be my game of the year.


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They better not be cramming multiplayer up that bitch.

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Wasnt concerned about it anyway.

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I couldn't care less. I like BioShock, but I'm in no hurry to play more. In fact, I can say that about 80% of the games coming out this year or next even for games I do like.

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I actually did a proper "aww" when I read the title.

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