You Didn't Really Want to Play BioShock Infinite This Year Anyway, Right?

#201 Posted by Xtrminatr (261 posts) -

@ScreamingFist said:


Red flag red flag red flag!



And if they are trying to add multiplayer... No thanks... Please just make it an epic single player, and leave it at that.

#202 Posted by Encephalon (1260 posts) -

Whatever you need, Ken.

#203 Posted by Dad_Is_A_Zombie (1225 posts) -

Well... That sucks...

#204 Posted by klimdeeni (141 posts) -


well they have their smash brothers clone...

maybe they will have The Last of Us out this year, but considering they have a history of releasing a game every other year, and uncharted 3 came out last year and we still haven't heard much about this game, I'm guessing it wont be here until 2013, but you never know.

#205 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4895 posts) -

I knew this was going to happen. $10 says Re6 will be delayed also.

#206 Posted by Duder_Me (307 posts) -

There goes that $30 Black Friday sale.

#207 Posted by udabenshen (178 posts) -

Total gut punch. Bummed. Hope it makes the game better.

#208 Posted by Equal_Opportunity_Destroyer497 (559 posts) -

I know that the delay means it will end up a better game but SONAFABITCH!

#209 Posted by DuskVamp (681 posts) -

I guess as long as it means an even better game, I can wait another few months.

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This is okay, cos Diablo is so close I can taste it!

Awwww shit.


I'm a little disappointed about Bioshock though... just a little.

#211 Posted by Ockman (194 posts) -

This fucking sucks. Plain and simple.

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Ach, my most anticipated game of the year this was. Loads of other games coming out, though, plus a few biggies (Dark Souls) I haven't played yet. In Levine I trust; don't make me regret that trust, Ken!

/shakes fist

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I knew it, ever since I saw the subtitle Infinite, and all the excitement over a bunch of trailers and demos that did nothing for me, I knew this would be the next Duke Nukem Forever.


#215 Posted by qraham (64 posts) -

At the end of the day I trust Levine, and Irrational.

#216 Posted by Totori (559 posts) -

Xbox no thank you ASSHOLE

#217 Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition (735 posts) -

Meh, whatevs. Plenty of other stuff coming out this year.

#218 Posted by UitDeToekomst (714 posts) -

I'm ok with it. I have plenty of stuff to catch up on, and there is plenty of stuff coming out. I plan to still be ass-deep in Borderlands 2 in October, anyway.

#219 Posted by mars188 (150 posts) -

Welll this saved me 60 bucks!! now its on my rent list of games!! No support from me cant make up your mind ? Frist its Dec then they say Oct now its Feb NOW ITS A RENT GAME!!

#220 Posted by spiceninja (3062 posts) -

@mars188 said:

Welll this saved me 60 bucks!! now its on my rent list of games!! No support from me cant make up your mind ? Frist its Dec then they say Oct now its Feb NOW ITS A RENT GAME!!


#221 Posted by Landon (4143 posts) -

@qraham said:

At the end of the day I trust Levine, and Irrational.

You trust Irrational? Sounds like an Oxymoron.

#222 Posted by whylessness (77 posts) -

hurts so good

#223 Posted by colinjw (219 posts) -


#224 Posted by Karma_Lounge (5 posts) -

** Flips over table in anger ....then remembers there was a baby on it.**

#225 Posted by TheRedDeath (98 posts) -

Awesome. Just fucking awesome... My doll eyes are crying...

#226 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2219 posts) -

I can wait, the game isn't that high on my anticipated list anyway.

#227 Posted by theredcoat24 (218 posts) -

well... at least that gives me more time with AC: III

#228 Posted by KillyDarko (1888 posts) -

Fine by me-- as long as the delay is actually for development purposes, I'm more than ok with it.

#229 Posted by Johacamigames (23 posts) -

Might leave it to have room for a possible GTA V release...?

Either way it's very sad news... I'll cry myself to sleep later

#230 Posted by Livingitlarge224 (75 posts) -

@Cloneslayer: Borderlands 2!

#231 Posted by InternetDetective (353 posts) -

This is the kind of game I like, it has lots of cutscenes and tells me what to do next!!!!! Yeah!

#232 Posted by MrKlorox (11209 posts) -

Well the rumors of GTA coming out this Autumn just got more credible. There's no way Take2 would release both games in the same window, even if they are different enough in gameplay.

#233 Posted by chocolaterhinovampire (1289 posts) -


#234 Posted by aurahack (2270 posts) -

I am okay with this, mostly because a) those dudes will make something awesome regardless of the time it takes and b) going silent for a while is a great idea. The last thing I want is more info from the game to be spoiled.

#235 Posted by Sharpshooter (887 posts) -

Waited this long I can wait a bit longer.

#236 Posted by Rekt_Hed (848 posts) -


GOD DAMMIT...................................................UGHHHHHHHHHHH!

#237 Posted by Kerned (1170 posts) -

I have no problem with this. At least Irrational is giving enough of a shit about the game to spend more time making it right.

#238 Posted by masterpaperlink (1841 posts) -


#239 Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG (4308 posts) -

Oh wow, I was saving my Best Buy gift card for this game....  Oh well

#240 Posted by ptys (1953 posts) -

Sounds good to me, I'm in no hurry to play.

#241 Posted by RoyaleWifCheese (550 posts) -

Not thrilled, but surprisingly okay with this. As long as the delay is being used to make the game more awesome, they can take all the time they want.

Plus, the silence means I likely forget about Infinite till next year. The next time I remember it exists will be around release time, and I'll be inordinately excited about it.

#242 Posted by cap123 (2477 posts) -

POO just when things will get busy work wise and I will have no time to play anything.

#243 Posted by ninjalegend (430 posts) -

I don't really pay attention to release dates anyway. The game will be done when it's done. Skyrim made it's 11-11-11 release date, and was playable a few weeks after that. Publishers/developers should release a game when it is done, and is good, and not a moment before.

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Fallout will keep me warm, in these...most dark of times. Fuck.

#245 Posted by Y2Ken (1138 posts) -

As always if a developer wants extra time then (to a reasonable extent) I'd rather they were given it than put out a lower-quality product. Still, a shame. But I'm certainly sure I won't be short of games this year.

#246 Posted by oobs (339 posts) -

oh well get that on the big jobs...plenty of other games out around then anyway..hopefully GTA V...dreaming i know

#247 Posted by RedRavN (400 posts) -

Delayed for tacked on multiplayer with microtransactions and/or kinect integration. I'm calling it now.

#248 Posted by PoisonJam7 (357 posts) -

I always knew that October release date seemed too good to be true.

More time for AC3, I guess. As long as it doesn't get delayed too.

#249 Posted by Brockly46 (645 posts) -
#250 Posted by mlarrabee (2949 posts) -

I am totally cool with that.

Ken Levine is a genius among developers, and if he wants more time for development, then give the man more time.

Even without BI showing up at E3 I'd still give it Best of Show. 'Cause I know. 'Cause it's Ken Levine.

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