You Didn't Really Want to Play BioShock Infinite This Year Anyway, Right?

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So, Dishonored and Hitman Absolution will be the more interesting games to see at E3? Maybe Ass Creed 3, but I've been disappointed in that franchise's showings since 2.

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I could really do without the sarcasm in the titles for news articles

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Bloody hell! The one good non-sequel title of the year....

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damn, there goes my most anticipated game this year.

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@RedRavN said:

Delayed for tacked on multiplayer with microtransactions and/or kinect integration. I'm calling it now.

Actually, I heard it was for online asynchronous multiplayer and crossplay with the Vita version (sold separately).

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@RedRavN said:

Delayed for tacked on multiplayer with microtransactions and/or kinect integration. I'm calling it now.

Actually, I heard it was for online asynchronous multiplayer and crossplay with the Vita version (sold separately).

Seriously, Asynchronous multiplayer would be kind of crazy and awesome, especially with the phase shift/time shift stuff they are doing.

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Just remember, if a good game is delay, it can be a good thing, a bad game will always be a bad game, from Miyamoto, except for Duke Nukem.

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Hey, whatever man.

I would have liked to play it this year, but delays always make the final product better.

Besides, this gives the GTA V in October thing even more credence.

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@ArsenalFan said:

I could really do without the sarcasm in the titles for news articles

Yeah, I've given up already. Alex Navarro doesn't know HOW to write without inserting bad attempts at cleverness. You can almost hear how hard he's forcing it.

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Surprisingly, I'm not mad or upset about this at all. To be honest I don't really care about Bioshock being delayed, even though I've watched every single trailer and teaser video and know it will be a decent game. Hmm, maybe my excitement for games has begun to die down.

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In before pushed to next gen consoles.

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I have no longer any expectations from Bioware, as far as I am concerned it’s just an empty brand that EA puts on "B" titles to pretend that it’s an "A" game.

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This will also give the Elizabeth character time to have breast reduction surgery.

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Yeah, does this not scream next-gen release?

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I approve. If you're going to do something, take your time and do it well.

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well looks like no one will see it end of the world this year right? ...

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Probably the only game I wanted to play this year. I am running into that wall where nothing exciting me at the moment, this is the first time in my life that E3 isn't exciting me, I am usually a bag of excitement at E3 time, but I am currently not hyped at all, hopefully that'll change. To be 100% honest, I am looking more forward to the E3 Bombcasts than E3 itself.

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ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! WTF! Well, I guess that leaves more time for Borderlands 2.

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Awwweee. Although I am all for putting out a finished polished game. I was soooo looking forward to playing this.

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That's disappointing. I was looking forward to seeing it on the E3 videos this year. But, regardless, if it gives Ken Levine more time to make it wonderful then I can wait.

Oh, by the way, everyone, I don't believe the world is going to end this year. That's just a crazy Mayan legend or myth.

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It's killing me, but I'm going to have to man up and accept it. Besides, the game will be better off for it.

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In all seriousness, please do. I've got way too much video game on my plate to even consider this gem for a while. Everyone, take a hint: back the fuck up and let me breath.

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I wanted to play this game before the end of the world. Oh well.

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I understand its getting delayed and everything, but why the fuck they announced this at 2010!!!!!! I mean I understand a better game will come out because of the delay, but Jesus!!!!

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2012's looking a little sparse to me now that this and Prey 2 are not in it.

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I can tell it's Navarro from the title.

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awwww, come on :/

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I was half-thinking that this game had already been released, but had simply faded into obscurity so quickly that I didn't notice it.

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This will also give the Elizabeth character time to have breast reduction surgery.

If she does I'm out! No sale!
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I was going to say, "GOD DAMNIT!" But, then I remembered what happened when Skyrim was released, and how it was basically a broken piece of shit for PS3 for 3 months until Bethesda finally got around to kind of/sort of fixing it.

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I really wouldn't care, but I have a feeling they have figured out some sort of multiplayer to add, and that is what the extra time is being used for.

I'm sure 2K is pushing for some mp and would be willing to extend an already very long dev cycle to allow implementation.

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Jeff's been pointing out for a while now that seeing less of Bioshock could be a good thing because the pitch of the game has essentially already been made and well received.

Them skipping the convention shows and focusing entirely on development is a huge plus I think. Even if it is being used to work on multiplayer, it seems like a smart move. I don't see how them showing anymore of the game will do anymore good, either. I think by this point with what they've said, and showed, people who are in are sold on it already. People who are on the fence or not yet sold on it probably won't make a decision until after it's released anyway.

I dunno. Just seems like an appropriate decision given the change in circumstances with the release date being pushed back.

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And the number of games I'm looking forward to this year becomes one.

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It sucks that it's getting pushed back but in the long run it will definitely be worth it. While it sucks that it won't come out for a while this isn't a game that's going to be pushed to the side. Extra time means that the game will most likely come out better.

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I'm on the bandwagon here. Imagine what would of happened to ME3 without a delay.

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Damn Ken Levine and his perfectionism.

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Sucks to have it pushed back....but it will give us an unexpected gem for early next year while I'm sure there's plenty to keep people busy this fall.

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That woman's tears disturb me more than her cleavage ever did.

On an unrelated note; no, I didn't want to play Bioshock Infinite anytime soon. Not really. It seems like it will be neat, but I don't need it to be out. I'll wait.

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This makes me sad.

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As long as it results in a better game this is great. My shame stack of unused games is wayyyyyyy too tall.

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Damn, I was really hoping to play this. I never played a Bioshock game before, but this looked really interesting.

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Yes, I did :(

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