Bioshock: Rapture book

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Just picked it up tonight and was wondering what you guys think of it. People on amazon seemed to have loved it. Also what, I'd any was Ken Levine's involvement?

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Huh, let me know if its too gritty or is f'ed up because I tend to move away from stuff that really goes in depth with dark stuff. I'd appreciate it because I loved the story of Bioshock but some of the stuff you overhear from the tapes creeps me out and I don't know if I'd really want to read an in depth version of them.

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I have a cousin who liked it. And he seems a bit pretentious with things he likes... so I don't know if it's good or bad.

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@Romination said:

I have a cousin who liked it. And he seems a bit pretentious with things he likes... so I don't know if it's good or bad.

If your cousin was actually pretentious about what he said he liked, then what he said he liked would probably be good.


Adjective: Attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.

What I'm trying to say is, you don't know what pretentious means.

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Thank you for that wonderfully necessary lesson in vocabulary.

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I'm playing through Bioshock for the first time, is the book before or after, I may want to buy it.

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Literally just finished reading the novel.

On the surface I loved it. But it felt a little held back at points.


As a massive Ryan aficionado I wanted a LOT more on him, but I was happy that Shirley really homed in on the fact that really, Ryan is a very tragic character. He has these ideals and they all go to shit right before his eyes. He starts off as inspiring and through the novel declines, never knowing when to break his ideals until it is too late.

The repurposing of the audio diaries started off as neat and started to grate on me towards the end. Especially with Steinman's final chapter where it was very clear that the author HAD to include those diaries and very little was done with them. Also it pissed me off that Karlosky and Redgrave weren't killed off or given a resolution. These characters will never receive one now as I doubt there will be any other Bioshock fiction set in Rapture.

I noticed one or two problems with the lore but that's bound to happen. Like telling Bill they were taking wallace off to Suchong, though Suchong was long dead after the big daddies had been perfected.


At any rate, I couldn't put it down even though I knew the ending from the start, and I guess that's the seal of a good book.

EDIT: How the HELL do you se the spoiler function

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If it's anything like the game, I can imagine it's baby's first straw man tale.
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@HandsomeDead said:

If it's anything like the game, I can imagine it's baby's first straw man tale.

It IS accessible, but not to such a detrimental degree. Not a fan of Bioshock's story?

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There's a Bioshock book? I'm gonna have to check it out

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I am currently reading the book myself and quite enjoyed it. Shirley stuck true to the story and setting of Rapture. However, the only true tragic character is Bill McDonagh. I don't want to spoil any of the book, however you knew that Rapture would fall before she even got the chance to flourish. It is an easy and enjoyable read.

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I loved the book as a fan of the bioshock fiction. It felt like a very in depth radio message with all of the tragedy you expect of the people of Rapture.

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