BioShock - Rapture novel just released.

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I just got it in the mail and so far it's hitting all the right notes - anyone else reading this?

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Just finished it last night.  As a fan of Bioshock 1 and 2 I really enjoyed.  As a novel, not so much. It is very disjointed. We get a little more flesh on the story but not enough. The little winks and nods to the game events got a little stale and felt forced. 
It you loved Bioshock. i would recommend it. 

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I found it a well crafted Bioshock prelude. A great read for anyone wanting to know more about the rise of Rapture and Ryan's motivations. 

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I bought it the day it came out and have not even opened it

#5 Posted by BBQBram (2294 posts) -

@MentalPigg: Yeah I agree it's a bit pulpy, definitely not high literature. And indeed, the scattered narrative is great because we get to "see" alot of the characters and locations as fans of the games, but it makes the story not compelling at all as a stand-alone experience. I appreciate it on the same level as I did BioShock 2's story: great fanfiction. On the one hand it's great to get all these juicy details and anecdotes about the expanded fiction, on the other hand the original BioShock already strikes a perfect balance between information and mystery and says all it needs to about the characters and ideological reflections they represent. Like Ken says it's grounded yet ridiculous, so learning more about the actual creation and fall of Rapture makes it seem a lot less plausible than having just the direct experience of being in the place. I did like how locations from both games were integrated, making for a more cohesive image of Rapture in my mind.

Out of all the stuff bolted onto the original narrative, Minerva's Den is still king.

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