Just wondering, when was the last time you played Bioshock?

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#1 Posted by NTM (8232 posts) -

#2 Posted by hbkdx12 (800 posts) -

Remember playing it two or three times the year after it came out
I waited a year to get it because everything that i saw regarding that game made me think it was survival horror-esque and that i would be constantly freaked out. Clearly wasn't the case. Glad i bit the bullet cuz it's a great game
Played bioshock 2 twice to get a different ending and youtubed the other and never felt the urge to pick it up ever again. Something about 2 just didn't captivate me

#3 Posted by joshthebear (2704 posts) -

Probably a couple years ago and it was still great. Electro bolt + shotgun/wrench is pretty much all you need.

I just finished up 2 and thought it was actually really damn good. Don't understand all the hate that game gets. Sure, it wouldn't top the te first, but it played helluv better and I found the story to be solid.

#4 Posted by matthias2437 (992 posts) -

I play it almost every year in January. It's one of my favorite games, not that long, and normally not a lot of good stuff comes out in January.

#5 Posted by SomeDeliCook (2353 posts) -

I played it through about 3 times so far (all within the first year it came out) but now whenever I play it I get to about Arcadia and stop. Its a nice looking map, but I hate that Arcadia is two whole levels while my favorite (Fort Frolic) is really short.

I really like the indoor docks though, because its really weird seeing an underwater indoor fishery. I really like it.

I've played Bioshock 1 semiannually since the day it came out. I plan on getting the hardest difficulty + no vita chamber achievement one day, but I always get burned out after the plot twist and never finish and end up restarting everytime.

#6 Posted by BeachThunder (13007 posts) -

I think it was in 2007, but it could have been early 2008. Anyway, as much as I liked the game, I don't think I'm ever going to play it again...

#7 Posted by NTM (8232 posts) -

@joshthebear: Yeah, I really liked the second as well. I think the first is a classic, or at least that's how I view it, and the second just isn't, but it's still superb. I've only beaten it once though, I always stop around a certain area for some reason. I wish I got it on 360, I'd play it more probably, but I got it on PS3, which if it's the same case as the first, the 360 version is slightly better.

#8 Posted by MC_Hify (373 posts) -

1 or 2? When Minerva's Den came out on PC you bet I played that.

#9 Posted by BisonHero (8065 posts) -

I didn't get around to playing Bioshock until early 2011. I've had it on Steam since like 2008 (it was one of the first games I bought), but kept putting off playing it.

Despite playing it several years after the fact, I thought it held up completely fine and I really enjoyed it. It still looks good, and it's interesting to see it implement singleplayer perks a few months ahead of the time that Call of Duty 4 was coming out with multiplayer perks. It's also weird to think that Bioshock was probably one of the last major shooters to come out before CoD 4 made aim-down-sight pretty much a mandatory inclusion.

#10 Posted by spartanlolz92 (520 posts) -

awhile and the 2nd was okay but just didnt make me feel like i should replay it

hopefully infinity makes me want to go back

#11 Posted by DukesT3 (1974 posts) -

The year it came out and I think I got stuck and I said fuck it.

#12 Posted by MarkWahlberg (4711 posts) -

Just beat it for the first time an hour ago! Had it spoiled for me years ago, but it still feels good to finally get it out of the way.

#13 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4745 posts) -

According to my achievement data. February 1st was the last time I played it.

#14 Edited by TheCreamFilling (1229 posts) -

Borrowed it from a friend whichever year it came out. Never touched the second one.

#15 Posted by Irvandus (3056 posts) -

Man next time I have a bunch of free time I should play 1 and 2 back to back.

#16 Posted by Tru3_Blu3 (3451 posts) -

I think I played it a second time on PC two years ago.

#17 Posted by laserbolts (5439 posts) -

I remember getting it launch day and beating it a day or 2 later. Don't think I have played it since.

#18 Posted by mscupcakes (631 posts) -

I played Bioshock 2 when it first came out and I only played the first Bioshock at the end of last year. I really enjoyed it and regret not playing it before it's sequel.

#19 Posted by devilzrule27 (1241 posts) -

Whatever the year was that it came out on PS3

#20 Posted by NTM (8232 posts) -

Anyone play either one or two again recently? I'm playing two again, and I think, since Bioshock is one of my favorite games of all, I feel like I should have gotten all of the trophies and achievements, so I will go back and do that.

#21 Posted by SomeDeliCook (2353 posts) -

Played them both recently. Used cheats to just mess around and use all the plasmids.

Still only beat Bioshock 2 once. Its not bad, but I burned out on the first Bioshock I think

#22 Posted by Village_Guy (2744 posts) -

Played it when it came out, haven't played it since, though I have been thinking about playing it again a few times.

#23 Posted by TheDudeOfGaming (6115 posts) -

I'm gonna say 2010. Haven't played 2, don't plan to. But I will get Bioshock Infinite.

#24 Edited by atomic_dumpling (2510 posts) -

Two years ago I made an "evil" playthrough (the third overall), only to realize that it doesn't make much difference. But I still found hidden items. They put stuff in every nook and cranny. But I am pretty much done with this game now.

#25 Posted by NTM (8232 posts) -

@TheDudeOfGaming: Bioshock 2 is good. It just doesn't make a huge impact like the first. I have it on PS3, but I want to buy it on 360.

#26 Posted by AverageGreg (126 posts) -

Probably a good few years ago; awesome game but not something you can really play multiple times.

#27 Posted by familyphotoshoot (703 posts) -

I played and finished BioShock 2 earlier this year.

I played the original BioShock last year but ended up dropping it about 1/3 of the way through. I think I had it through GameFly at the time and got bored with it.

#28 Posted by GunstarRed (5766 posts) -

Last time I played the original was after they put out the DLC. I watched someone play through the start of it a couple of years ago on the PC. And the last time I played Bioshock 2 was sometime early last year I think, I'm reminded every single day I own that game because of its huge damn special edition I have no place to put.

#29 Posted by plaintomato (616 posts) -

I was actually just pulling some old games out to re-play and chose Condemned 2 and Mirror's Edge instead of Bioshock...but seeing Bioshock did remind me about Minerva's Den so I picked up 2 just to play Minerva's Den. I don't plan to revisit the original or ever play through 2...but I'll probably pick up Infinite...someday.

Bioshock was a gem, and is a classic...but it's not the rare game that will pull me in for a second play through, even if I last played it 5 years ago.

#30 Posted by MegaMetaTurtle (419 posts) -

I played it just before the second one came out to finish up some of the achievements.

#31 Posted by Cyrus_Saren (552 posts) -

I last played it in 2008, although I went through it 3-4 times. Great game.

#32 Posted by mak_wikus (621 posts) -

I can't get into it. I played for maybe three hours in the span of two years.

(I'm not sure about my grammar here. Sorry.)

#33 Posted by Grillbar (1948 posts) -

the same time bioshock 2 came out. diddent like it. but somehow infinite looks so sweet.

#34 Posted by Jrinswand (1745 posts) -

I played it once in 2007 and then wrote about a third of my 90 page video game thesis on it. I'll probably never play it again.

#35 Posted by NaDannMaGoGo (338 posts) -

I think 2010, but maybe it was much earlier than that.

I'm pretty prone to motion sickness and especially Bioshock 1 was killing me with it. I think Bioshock 2 was problematic as well. Same for Dead Space 1/2 and Mirror's Edge (which at least had a slightly adjustable FoV).

Maybe I should play Bioshock 2 again with higher FoV. I did like the combat quite a bit.

#36 Posted by Zleunamme (755 posts) -

It been it almost two years since I last played Bioshock. The thing is that I don't revere the game as much as others do but I had a good time with it. I would go back but I had to delete the install data because it was taking too much space on the hard drive. I never played Two because I heard it was a bad game aside from the DLC. I'm on the fence about buying Bioshock Infinite but I will give it a chance.

#37 Posted by AndrewB (7782 posts) -

If you count playing through the intro, then I just played it a couple days ago.

#38 Posted by Fjordson (2554 posts) -

Played it last year. Still a really great game. Rapture is such a memorable setting.

#39 Posted by spankingaddict (2802 posts) -

Just over a year ago . I believe I finished it for a 5th time .

#40 Posted by dinkys (61 posts) -

Playing catch up on a bunch of games and Bioshock was next in line.

One of my favourite games ever....... Until the last 10 minutes.

#41 Posted by DarthOrange (4089 posts) -

According to my achievements I beat the game exactly two weeks ago today.

#42 Posted by believer258 (12617 posts) -

Sometime this year, I played a good bit of it in an attempt to beat it on Hard with Vita chambers off. I got a few hours in but I had to put it down for a while for some reason and never picked it back up.

Despite my complaints with the game (It ain't perfect, I hate the camera and the constant "go fetch this" goals), I still think it's pretty damn good.

#43 Posted by Feral_Nova (173 posts) -

I've never played the first game :( wish I had BUT I have the second one! lol last time I played it was... sometimes this year lol I do plan on getting Bioshock infinite when it comes out! ^_^

#44 Posted by NTM (8232 posts) -

@Zleunamme said:

It been it almost two years since I last played Bioshock. The thing is that I don't revere the game as much as others do but I had a good time with it. I would go back but I had to delete the install data because it was taking too much space on the hard drive. I never played Two because I heard it was a bad game aside from the DLC. I'm on the fence about buying Bioshock Infinite but I will give it a chance.

Well you shouldn't have listened, 'cause Bioshock 2 is a superb game, or at least a really great one. The DLC is fine as well.

#45 Posted by Aleryn (718 posts) -

Played it through once and never have had the desire to go back. Need to finish 2. What holds me back is DAMMIT that old-lady villain and her constant prattling over the radio is annoying.

#46 Posted by Solh0und (1942 posts) -

When I got the bad ending for that 5 years ago.

#48 Posted by Video_Game_King (36567 posts) -

About November?

#49 Posted by Pr1mus (4090 posts) -

Like 3 years ago?

I didn't like it but i want to replay it because on paper i should like everything about it.

#50 Edited by Sinusoidal (2086 posts) -

Three or four years ago, not sure when it was, but it was some time after it came out. Bioshock 2 is sitting in a pile of unplayed games on my desk. I'll get around to it eventually.

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