exists's BioShock (Limited Edition) (Xbox 360) review

Another 360 hit but it's over so fast.

What was GIANT

- Environment > The overall context of the game and the basic idea of being underwater is a very fresh idea that works out really well. Also the beginning of the game is very well approached and quickly gets you into the action.

- Water Effects > From water falling over stairs to bathtubs and even WCs, it's the best i've seen, top notch!

- Themes/Story > The secular undertones are really interesting especially at the beginning. The idea of leaving morality behind and pushing science to the limits and showing you the consequence of doing that is pretty cool although vastly exaggerated. The fact that it always has a very negative conclusion is a bit cliche though.

- Gameplay > It plays like an FPS as expected but adds so much more variety.

- RPG Elements > Are always welcome in my opinion, it needed another level of depth and some character creation mechanism with different types of characters would have made it a richer experience.

- Sound/Music > Simply outstanding, the flow of water with classic songs. Was nice/weird to listen to Dean Martin while slaughtering some splicers.

- Save/Respawn > Save anywhere is always welcome. The respawn/no dying feature is a nice plus although it tends to make the game too easy for some people. I don't mind reloading a saved game instead.

- Achievements > Well balanced and not excruciatingly difficult (FEAR, I hate you!!!). I still don't like the get all tapes achievements.

What BOMBed

- CO-OP > It just screams CO-OP!!! Definitely missing! I felt the game was relatively short especially that it doesn't have a multiplayer at all.

- Plasmid Usage / Health > Some plasmid powers should be permanent, it's frustrating to go back and buy ATOM or HEALTH all the time, regenerating health and permanent plasmids would be a big plus!!!

- Game Ending > Boss fights was really out of place, no boss fights all the game and suddenly one out of nowhere which looks really weird, nothing to do with the rest of the game. Besides the end of story was pretty weak, there wasn't enough intrigue to wonder what the next game will have. Needs serious work!

- Replayability > Ok, i've gone through the game once, enjoyed it a lot and that's it i'm done! Co-op or more variety in the game locations would've helped so much. It felt so short unfortunately!

- Variety > Lacked some variety of spaces, I was expecting some underwater(in the ocean) levels or passages, missed opportunity!

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