How would put in ascending order the Biware games you played?

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*Bioware :P 
How would you do it according with your love for the games? 
Only titles developed by bioware are allowed... :p  
For me it would be  
Neverwinter Nights < MDK2 < Mass Effect < Jade Empire < KOTOR 
I've played also baldur's gate, but not enough to have an opinion on it. 
What about you?

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Hmm good question.
1- Mass Effect   -  Completed 4 times, on my 5th run through.
2- KOTOR  -  completed 3 times.
3-  Baldur's Gate 2  -  Completed 2 times.
4- Neverwinter Nights  -  Completed 2 times.
5-  Baldur's Gate 1   -  Completed one time.
6- Jade Empire   -  Never completed.
7- Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood  -  hope i've never seen that game. I'll give it to the first guy who asks for it in my appartment.
I'll post this image here also : 

 Canadian Legends!!!
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Mass Effect
Jade Empire
Baldur's Gate 2
Baldur's Gate
Obsidian's NWN2 is much better than NWN, Mass Effect is overrated, Jade Empire is underrated, KOTOR is in my Top 5 games.

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Never finished Jade Empire but it was alright. Only ever completed Mass Effect. Rented KOTOR and wasn't into it; then again I'm not into Star Wars. Baldur's Gate wasn't my style of CRPG at the time.

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