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Anyone interested in starting a list of Referral Links so the GBers can click away once a day? I'll edit this as people reply...  
All you must do is click on the link, it will re-direct to a page. Once that page is loaded (which takes probably less than 20 seconds? depending on your speed) then you may close it. If you could just open tab+click all these links (e.g. ctrl+click on Chrome) and let them sit and close them a minute later you'd be helping out your fellow GBers!      

For those that don't know, this is for BioWare Bazaar. Simply put, it's a contest that culminates into an auction for several prizes. To check out the rules and enter simply go to . One of the ways to earn points is to have people click on your "referral link". You earn 10 points for the first 50 unique IPs, followed by 1 point afterward per day. There are a few other ways to earn points as well, simply look at the rules on the site to find out.

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I put mine up on my Facebook homepage only to find out that it's for 50 US States only. Not even in Canada, where Bioware is!!

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@xyzygy said:
" I put mine up on my Facebook homepage only to find out that it's for 50 US States only. Not even in Canada, where Bioware is!! "
Ya :/ It sounds like an EA gimmick - truthfully, especially the part where freaking Canada isn't involved. Sorry to hear you're not eligible man...
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Editted the first post to contain the list of 6 thus far. Click once a day, referal link resets at GMT -7. Goodluck GB-crew!

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I'll scratch your back if you'll scratch mine right?
Thanks all!

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Updated the first post with the new links! Return daily and help out your fellow GB!

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Updated. Click away.

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      thanks will click everyones
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Thanks in advance, peoples.
Also, I think you can click your own link for tokens, because I've gotten 30 from referrals and something tells me that they weren't from this thread.
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A new day, a new update and some more clicks.

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If you're on computers with different IP address' throughout the day, make sure to click from those too.

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Another day, another click. =)

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@MushroomSamba said:
" Another day, another click. =) "
Well said. Updated again. Sorry for any misses, I believe I got all that was listed now.
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Please add mine, I will start clicking all of yours now.

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all you gotta do is get google chrome and ctrl click everyones link then close it out you don't even have to watch the page load!!! 
Heres mine:

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Keep up the clicking folks! Auction day draws ever near! I want mah beeeeanie!

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@DeviantJoker: I'm personally going after either the N7 hoodie, hat, or tee. I wonder how much each will be going for...hope I have enough. =\ 
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@MushroomSamba: Well duder, I think you'll do fine. Most people have their eye unreasonably on the top tier prizes (Computer, Laptop, GPU) so they'll probably be hoarding their auction points for that stuff. So I'd go pay attention to the beginning auctions and try to snatch up what you want!
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I'm aiming for some of the posters and Lithos, personally. Maybe trying for both Mass Effects for the PC.

Clicking yet again. Could use a few more clicks on this end, as well.

#46 Posted by jukeboxhero (2 posts) - if mine could be added thanks :) i'll make sure to click everyones too  

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Auctions are today, need more points!!    It sucks i only have 7k points but can't beat all the people with 10k+ points.

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