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What is a Bird Nest?

A bird nest is a structure built by a bird(s) that is specifically used to protect and incubate eggs until they hatch. Nests are mostly built by the female birds, though most male birds generally assist them in construction as well. These nests come in different shapes and sizes depending on what type of bird they are; usually they construct their nests on top of a tree branch to keep away from predators.After the eggs hatch into chicks they stay in the nest and are raised by the parents. During that time they are fed by their parents until they are able to learn how to fly. Once the chicks learn to fly and gather food they repeat the cycle just like their parents.

Bird Nests in Video Games

 I wonder if something important is in there?

In video games, bird nests usually contain items such as money, bullets, gems, eggs that could be used to gain health, and possibly grenades. These nests however, are generally well hidden to player unless there is some kind of sign that there is something in the nest. These nests are generally unreachable to the player and so they must think of some way to attain the item inside. In games such as Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5, and Deadly Premonition the way to gain these items are by shooting them from the tree. Once they shoot the nest it is destroyed but the item makes its way to the ground and is now attainable to the player.

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