Birds of Steel, is looking good.

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I’ve always enjoyed the quick looks Dave, Drew and Vinny do of flight sims but I’ve never really wanted to invest in a flight stick and the other gadgets you may want (head tracking) so I was surprised to see a game coming out this week that seems to be a happy medium.

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Maybe well get a Dave, Drew and Vinny quick look?

#2 Posted by startyourengine (22 posts) -

I just bought this game today, when Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 was playing at the background at the game menu, I knew the game was worth every penny I paid, such class.

#3 Posted by CapwnD (6 posts) -

The game is great. I liked it so much it made me give in and buy a new flight stick and the PS3 version so I could use the flight stick.

I'm not sure where the marketing and advertising is on this game. The only reason I heard about it was from another forum. I own most of the IL2 games but this one was off my radar, so to speak. I'm very new to Giant Bomb but I loved what I heard on the podcasts so far... I'm hoping somebody takes a look at this game like JustKamToo suggested. Didn't dude pick up a flight stick the other week? Well here you go! Use that thing, don't let it go to the back of the closet only to be sold to some other poor schmuck on craigslist who has a wild hair in his butt to play some flight games and use head tracking! Speaking of which.... you didn't recently sell it on Amazon did you?

Sorry I don't know names yet, but I honestly have listened to about 10 podcasts so far!

#4 Posted by yakov456 (1960 posts) -

Why is no one talking about this game? It's only 40 usd new and is loaded with game modes and extras. I could even plug in my crappy old logitech flight stick and use it on the PS3. Give this game some love!

#5 Posted by SkullcrusherMountain (997 posts) -

I'm presuming it's more of an arcadey game, not a sim, right? I saw a cockpit view in the first trailer, but can that be played in the final version? Any details would be GREAT, because the interwebs have very few so far.

#6 Posted by MezzerliptikJay (38 posts) -

@SkullcrusherMountain said:

I'm presuming it's more of an arcadey game, not a sim, right? I saw a cockpit view in the first trailer, but can that be played in the final version? Any details would be GREAT, because the interwebs have very few so far.

The developers said that they got the physics and sounds as accurate as they possibly could by painstakingly looking at research and using real audio samples from the real world birds, so id say a simulation and probably the best one EVER on consoles!

the modelling of the planes look 100% accurate from what i know and have seen about world war 2 birds. and if you find simulation mode too difficult they have a realistic difficulty level or simplified.

If you like your'e real kites and history of them you will love this simulation! if you want sonic the hedge hog and mario flying around and throwing yellow stars at you then no your not going to like it im afraid...

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Yeah I would say you can play this as more of a "game" but if you put it on simulator mode then watch out, it becomes a full on flight sim that can handle a fancy smancy expensive flight stick. Multiple planes from the US, Germany, Japan, USSR. You can slap on some country specific real deal decals from actual ww2 planes as well like kill stickers or pin-ups as well. Online is very difficult but rewarding. If you are into planes you cant go wrong.

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I don't believe any of you. I want a quick look.

#9 Posted by artgarcrunkle (988 posts) -

Demo made it seem decent. Put the controls in simulation mode or whatever they call it and immediately put myself into a tailspin so I guess it's simmy. Would probably buy this if I had a flightstick what worked with the PS3.

#10 Posted by Jonnyflash80 (523 posts) -

Why hasn't this been Quicklooked yet? I just picked up the game and am thoroughly impressed by the level of simulation considering it's a console game. I have a hard time keeping the plane from stalling in dogfights in realistic mode but I don't have a flight stick and I'm not quite used to the physics involved with flying this era of aircraft. I'm sure it will become easier with practice.

#11 Posted by StiC (4 posts) -

Not only does it deserve a quick look but perhaps at least a mention for best looking and best music.

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