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Sailor Moon: Another Story is a Japanese RPG released in 1995 for the Super Famicom. One of many games developed for the franchise on the SNES platform, it is the only one out those not directly based on any particular season of the anime television show. As the name suggests, the game presents itself as a side story. Though it does feature cameos and references involving characters from seasons 1 and 2, the events in this game aren't tied to Sailor Moon cannon. Like many games in the series, it was never localized or ported to any other platform. This led to a community effort to create a successful fan translation of the game for the use in software emulation.


Another Story fits the build as a Japanese rpg. Random encounters and turn based battles give it that playing field of SNES era games such as Final Fantasy. An interesting twist on combat was the ability to combine the abilities of any two Sailor Scouts to pull of devastating attacks using each characters signature moves taken directly from the show, similar to the combo system of Chrono Trigger.

When you aren't in battle, Another Story features a nicely designed 2D world to explore with Non-playable characters abound to talk to. The game also features numerous cut-scenes and written dialogue moments for character and plot developments which also play out in similar fashion to Final Fantasy.

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