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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S stars Sailor Moon in her quest to find the talismans and defeat Kaolinite and the Witches 5. She can attack with punches, kicks, throws, and jumping Sailor Kick. She can also charge up Moon Tiara Action or collect wands for one-time-use Rainbow Moon Heart Attacks. One of the talismans is located at the end of each stage in a level, and after collecting all three Moon will transform into Super Sailor Moon. She will then fight three Daimon and one of the Witches 5.

In between each level a minigame (a slot wheel, searching for Tuxedo Mask, or a quiz) is played, and successes reward more Rainbow Moon Heart Attack uses.

After completing the game Chibi Moon becomes playable. She does not have a throw, she does not transform after collecting the talismans, and she uses Pink Sugar Heart Attack for her charge and super moves.


Each level has three stages

  • Level 1: Amusement Park
  • Level 2: Apartment Building
  • Level 3: Juuban Shopping District
  • Level 4: Professor Tomoe's Lab. Both of the final Witches 5 are fought simultaneously at the end, and afterwards Moon fights Kaolinite. Chibi Moon does not have a final boss.

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