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One to avoid

BIt Boy is a Wiiware game from Austrian Bplus that tries to charm with its retro feel.

 The player is controlling Bit Boy Kubi who is a cube living in the 128bit world. A time machine incident gets him in contact with a monster from the 4bit world. The pixelated monster takes all of Kubi's friends through the time machine back to its time. And it is Kubi's task to go through time and rescue his block friends, starting from the 4bit world going through 8bit and 16bit worlds, hitting 3D with 32bit and continuing through 64bit to 128bit and lastly to the Wii-era. It is never explained why Kubi wants to go to the Wii time since it was specified that he comes from the 128bit time, which would indicate a previous generation (PS2/Gamecube) but not Wii.

Game-play is simple Pacman style maze chasing. Kubi's block mates are spread on the levels starting from 3 friends up to 30+ blocks. Friends are collected while avoiding monsters in a similar way as Pacman dodges his ghost adversaries. The game introduces 3D view with 32bit that can be switched to view world from almost Doom like 3D perspective. This doesn't really work because one needs to see the monsters well in advance. So one ends up using the same 2D look all along. Kubi also gets upgrade in form 5 bullets/things which can be used to take the monster out. On the last Wii level waggling is introduced for Kubi jump on platforms.

Both game-play and graphics wise game start from simple 4bit which somehow manages to get worse during each generation. Such a simple Pacman type game mechanism fits the basic color and maze. With each generation upgrade the game seems more and more messed up. The most recent generation look blurry fake 3D that even the first Playstation managed better.

Only positive note here I can think of is the sound. This is updated with generations along with the graphics. Unfortunately this seems to be only one track.At least it's a chiptune track. Other positive aspect of Bit Boy is the fact that the game is really short. The main "story" can be easily finished in 30mins. Additional game mode in form Warp Mode is unlocked after finishing the main game. Warp Mode is still the same game type expect that there with each block collected new block gets generated. Level changes randomly when dying. 

I always try to see good in a game, even in this. The idea is nice where game improves through video game console generations. Shamefully this is just a poor man's version of Pacman. All throughout the game that gets worse with each generation. For such a upgrade game I would much rather recommend Upgrade Complete.    
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