Chiptune galore rythem game

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I am only a man

Bit. Trip: Beat is a rhythm game that will come out for Wiiware. The game could the best be described as a version of pong in which the ball is a not, different patterns of notes (aka a song) will come in the direction of the players paddle and it is up to the player to reflect them, the more he reflects the crazier the visuals of the game become and vice verca.

You control the paddle by turning the wii remote (which to reassure those who might be skeptic about motion controls in music games is really accurate)

The website just launched and there is a video of the game play on it and i must say it looks pretty neat.


On the site you can also find a wall paper and some more info about the game in general. You can also download one of the tracks that will feature in the game: Desention
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No love? Check out the video on the website.

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This might be the first thing I buy for my Wii this year. Only thing this year. Only thing since this time last year.

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This looks pretty good!  I have yet to buy a Wiiware game, so this may be my first.

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