steam version not working

#1 Posted by Riotisonfire (124 posts) -

beat.exe has stopped working error message as soon as i start it up. not sure why its not working. Anyone know any fixes? 

#2 Edited by Hamst3r (4610 posts) -

Hah, I didn't realize it released today.
Buyin' and Installin' - will report back on what happens.
edit: Hmm. Works here. Same with the Twitter stuff, so uh, dunno. D:

#3 Posted by Forcen (1858 posts) -

It works ok for me, but it crashes when i try to use the twitter functions.

#4 Posted by JoelTGM (5599 posts) -

That sucks.  You made a good purchase though.  I have that on my iPod Touch and it's great.

#5 Posted by takua108 (1483 posts) -

Man, I hope they release all of the Bit.Trip games on Steam. I'm in college, and I had a hankerin' for some Runner, but it's on the family Wii at home :'(

#6 Posted by Riotisonfire (124 posts) -

I've tried reinstalling it a couple times and still has not done anything. 

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