jaycrockett's Bit.Trip: Beat (Wii Shop) review

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This game: 
Is hard. 
Blows my mind. 
Has fantastic music.  
Reminds me of Rez HD.  

Wins the Emmy for most eyestrain.  
Has motion control that doesn't suck. 
Has distracting backgrounds, presumably on purpose.
Should be called bit.trip pong.  Maybe pong is copyrighted? 

Justifies the creation of a paddle attachment for the Wiimote.  

Does at least 12 things with a pong blip I had never seen before.    

 Is exactly the kind of thing that should be on downloadable services.     

Has co-op, which apparently you can just turn on by yourself for easy mode.      
Is only 600 bits.  I had extra after buying mom that blackjack game, so it's essentially free, right?       


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    Bit.Trip: Beat is an unusual game for Nintendo's downloadable service, Wiiware. I like to think of it as the result of Guitar Hero and Ikaruga somehow managing to simultaneously impregnate Pong after a long night of romance and ecstasy. The reasoning behind the first is that, simply put, the beat of the music is very much an essential part of the experience. It's comparable to Ikaruga in the sense that the 2D gameplay can get incredibly frantic, almost to the point where you don't know what you'...

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