Explore the Void (game play video)

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After teasing everyone for a while now making me think this game was going to be called Bit Trip Space Gaijin Games finally released a gameplay trailer of the new Bit Trip game, Bit Trip Void.
And you know what? It looks crazy:

For more detailed info please visit the game's official web page:  http://www.explorethevoid.com/
The website also has a rather awesome wall paper of Commander Video gradually transforming into some white entity: 
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Core isn't even out yet... and Space has been annoucned? Weird. 
EDIT: Wait.... I just looked at the Wiki. Core is out? How the fuck did I miss that? Wow. I'm gonna have to go buy it.

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@SJSchmidt93 said:
" Core isn't even out yet... and Space has been annoucned? Weird. "
Core has been out for a while actually in all the territories. 
Oh the game is actually called Bit Trip Void not Space, that is an error on my part when i created this page a while back that happened due to  a teaser in Nintendo Power. I've already made a request to rename this page.
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It looks completely in-fucking-sane.


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