A Bizarre Goodbye

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hooray for sad trailers week!
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So disappointing. I wish all of them luck, they were very very far from being a bad developer, definitely put out some great games. 

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! Sketches of Moondays <3 
Edit: and now I learn that  Clair de lune is a classical piece and not an original song from some obscure japan only playstation rpg.

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Fucking activision ruining everything. GLHB to all the folks out of a job hopefully they land on their feet.

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One of the saddest closures in game history. They weren't shut down because they made bad games. They were shut down because the people that controlled their fate made bad decisions.

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@SuperSambo:  PGR can't be 100% controlled by Activision, and everything else they did were good, but not as good as Activision must have wanted.  Geometry Wars must have just been hard to make 15 more sequels for, so for all these reasons, Activision pulled the plug on Bizarre Creations.
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From a business point of view, the fact that nobody was interest in buying them probably means Activiosion were right to shut them.
From a personal point of view, always sad when this many ppl lose their jobs.

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Sorry to see them go. Fucking Activision.

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well that's terrible.  The geometry wars games are GREAT.  Good luck to all of them.  Sometimes good things come from moving on - maybe some of them form or join up with a studio that makes the next big thing in gaming.

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There was no reason for this.  Way to go Boby. :(
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Sad to see this happen. :(

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PGR, Blur and Geometry Wars were all really amazing games..  It's very disappointing to see them go, and it really sucks for those guys that have lost their jobs but they'll no doubt start up a new studio, they have some really great talent and have made some great games. 
Really have to question why they left Microsoft only to go to Activision though.  I said this would happen as soon as the buy out was announced.

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Here's hoping all those guys and gals land on their feet.  You will be missed, Bizarre.

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Yet another British gaming company down the pan....no thanks to the government !

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A shame, geometry wars was the shit.

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One of my favorite piano tracks of all time. Sad to see them go as their games were great.

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they made great games.  I feel partly responsible for their demise by not buying Blur when it came out.  That game is great online.

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Not much of a retrospective, though. Was hoping to see some of their older games as well.

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B-b-but...I liked them :(

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Rest in peace, Bizzare Creations. May Kotick one day get his.

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Best of luck to everybody affected.
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How in the world does a dev with this pedigree get shitcanned?  I'm stupefied over here. 

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They single-handedly brought the twin stick shooter back.
And Activision single-handedly fucked up another great studio. 
Hope the talent makes a comeback at a publisher that knows how to take care of talent.

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PGR2 is the only game I know that has a Swedish city in it.

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Get ready for Geometry Wars 3,4 and 5 from Neversoft coming next month!

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Remember the good times.

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Just what Liverpool needs: More people on the dole.

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@BioHzrd said:
" Yet another British gaming company down the pan....no thanks to the government ! "
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So bizarre (lol?) that such a good studio would be dissolved, when so many studios pumping out terrible games are going strong. Sad. Great choice of music, that's my favorite song from Ocean's Eleven. :)

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Another british developer down the drain... such a shame :(

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Good luck people at Bizarre Creations.

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I'll Bizzarely miss you.

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That was really a downer, such a talented studio. Yet another victim of bloody Activision.  
Hate Activision with a deep and heartfelt passion. 

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Played some Geo Wars, Blur and PGR4 earlier in tribute. Three games that are still as great as the day I first played them. Best wishes go to the Bizarre Creations staff. Hopefully they can reinvent themselves and come back stronger ? Maybe....

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What a sad story!  Geometry Wars was pretty much the reason why I played PGR in the first place.  What they did to the twin-stick shooter will always have its place in gaming history.

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I still play Blur and Geometry Wars, can't say the same of some shitty games that sold a lot more copies, gamers used to be smart, wtf happened to us?, start playing more good games instead of getting another prestige in black ops

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Not gonna miss'em.

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I played PGR4, Geometry Wars 1 and 2 and Bloodstone.
I have a friend who plays Blur online very often.
This is a very sad day indeed.

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Lets hope the masses get bored of Call of Duty, they have to someday right?

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Ironically, Bizarre left Microsoft because they weren't promoting their games, and they figured Activision would help the studio find a larger audience.
I wonder who owns the Geometry Wars license.

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Bizarre's games, online community and forum made me gain a lot of friends around the world.
Hope everyone will find a new place to work soon.
We'll miss you!

Oh, and FU Activision!

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Didn't this happen a while ago, or was it just a rumor that it might be happening? 
Either way, this sucks.  
Edit: Fuck you Activision.

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And the 2011 game developer genocide continues.

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Shame. I actually enjoyed Blood Stone. Best of luck to those dudes!

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