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Bizzaro's common origin story is that he was accidentely created from a "duplicating ray" that malfunctioned. They were trying to clone Superboy but failed. Later in the time line, Bizarro is created in his adult form when Lex Luthor recreates the duplicator ray. He created him to attack and destroy Superman but instead Bizzaro tries to imitate him as much as possible and does not completely follow his orders. Bizzaro is very dull-witted and clumsy. Bizzaro eventually creates another duplicate of himself using the "duplicating ray" only this time he has the looks of Superman. He asks for Lois Lane's hand in marriage but is rejected. this leads him to kidnap her but this issue is resolved when using another duplicator ray to create a "Bizzaro Lois Lane". They retreat to the planet of "Htrae", a cube shaped planet, where they use it's advanced technologies to populate the planet. It later becomes know as, "Bizarro World".

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