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The Black Beat Stepper is the boss at the end of the Dice Palace in Gunstar Heroes. It's driven by a man named Black who has a mystical gem. The machine will throw a die to decide how many spaces it will move around the room. Depending on what colored space it is standing on it will use one of four attacks. 


Black Beat Stepper Actions
  • Red panels trigger the Red Fireball. This launches a stream of fire around the edges of the room. 
  • Green panels trigger the Green Cutter. A beam will ricochet around the room.
  • Blue panels trigger the Blue Cracker. Bombs launch and explode in all corners of the room.
  • Yellow panels trigger the Yellow Laser attack that fire lasers through the center of the room.
The machine can also cause collision damage if players are stuck under its legs as it moves. And it's still very possible to die after defeating it, because Black will throw a decoy gem that explodes.

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