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The cover of Hokuto no Ken

Black Belt is a brawler developed and published by Sega for the Sega Master System platform.

Black Belt is the localized name for Hokuto no Ken, an anime and manga better known as Fist of the North Star in the US. The characters, story and setting were all changed in the international versions because they lacked the license. Even though much was changed in this version, the gameplay stayed the same.

Hokuto no Ken was the third game to be released in the cartridge format in Japan. The format had all but supplanted the earlier Sega Card format, which had less memory space than the new cartridges.


One of the many boss encounters

Wang has kidnapped Kyoko who is the girlfriend of Riki. The kidnapper also happens to be Riki's rival, and he sets out to rescue Kyoko from Wang. Riki will fight his way through various cities and towns defeating enemies in order to fight against Wang. In the Japanese version, it plays the story of Hokuto No Ken facing familiar enemies up to the final boss, Raoh.


Traverse Japan inspired locations

Black Belt is a side scrolling brawler where the player controls Riki, a martial artist (or Kenshiro, in the Japanese version). Riki will travel through six stages, walking left to right, using his fighting skills to defeat Wang's henchman. Riki is able punch and kick enemies, and upon defeating them the enemies will explode. As he travels he will come across various enemies and mid-bosses, which will eventually lead Riki to confront Wang. In the boss battles the fighting mechanics do not change, and Riki simply uses punches and kicks to be victorious. The only difference is that the player is always facing the boss.

Name changes

Because of the licencing issue, the names of the characters had to have been changed from the Hokuto No Ken characters to generic characters.

Black Belt CharactersHokuto no Ken Characters
GontaDevil Rebirth

Appearances from other characters

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