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An enhanced genetic duplicate of one of Peter Parker's greatest allies of the Heroic Age. Black Cat 2099 serves as Alchemax's personal watch cat. Although she's considered too violent and unpredictable to be off site, the company regularly utilizes her against high-security threats. Black Cat 2099 retains all of her "mother" Felicia Hardy's memories, yet she knows that she is not truly Felicia. Black Cat 2099's genetics prevent her from aging past her current look. Alchemax created the "new and improved" Black Cat by mixing Felicia's DNA with samples taken from actual felines and the super heroine Tigra, refashioning her into a devastating weapon. Alchemax also incorporated a gene extracted from the mutant known as vanisher, which gifted Black Cat 2099 with the ability to teleport-but not out of the building. Hardwired with agoraphobia into her mental processes: She literally cannot leave the confines of the building without collapsing in terror.

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