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Primarily seen during Parasoul's story in Skullgirls, they also charge in to attack or defend at Parasol's command. The standard Black Egret soldier wears a olive green uniform that fully covers the body, head to toe, removing all traces of individuality.

The full uniform, consisting of a helmet, goggles, gas mask, coat, pants, gloves, and boots, is strongly reminiscent of uniforms worn by various WWII German soldiers. It certainly doesn't put them in a good light based on looks alone. Even the weapons the basic soldiers are seen using are all WWII era German weapons such as the Maschinenpistole 40, Sturmgewehr 44, and the Maschinengewehr 42. (credit for the weapon names goes to the Skullgirls wiki)

The most notable members of the Black Egrets are Adam, Roxie, Molly, Panzerfaust, and Juju. All five of the main members were proposed as potential DLC characters that fans could vote on after the Skullgirls Indiegogo campaign. Molly and Panzerfaust are the only two who made it past the first of four voting rounds used to whittle down the 32 choices. Interestingly, Juju was eliminated as a potential DLC option before voting even started as she was inspired by a fan's Facebook post, and legal issues prevented her inclusion.

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