What Happened To This Game?

#1 Posted by GoranP (1135 posts) -

Is it vaporware?

#2 Posted by Steve_Ramirez (1258 posts) -

their still in development, check out their facebook

#3 Posted by StaticFalconar (4850 posts) -

I was wondering the same thing myself. I mean FPSs have gone a long way since I saw thier last build, so I hope thier product isn't too irrelevant when it comes out.

#4 Posted by Deusoma (3041 posts) -

Oh, it never came out? I'd just been assuming it came out and sucked, and GameSpot didn't have the heart to give them a bad review after the Indievelopment thing.
Well, I hope it's awesome then.

#5 Posted by stucket (238 posts) -

never heard of it ,lol

#6 Posted by Thrawn1 (1340 posts) -

yeah, i remember keeping up with the gamespot series, then all the sudden it just stopped. wish we knew more about it.

#7 Posted by StaticFalconar (4850 posts) -

Well, the reason why GS stopped the series is because they where getting to the part of the project where anything they film could be used against them (by other shooter makers, etc.) So instead of giving us front row seats of game making espionage, GS stopped the series right after they had proved thier point of asking: "how hard is it to make your own game from scratch even with a team of guys that has game making experience."

Basically, it goes a lot deeper than just having a cool idea.

#8 Posted by Linkyshinks (9880 posts) -

lol, I totally forgot about this.

#9 Edited by Jerryvanasperen (18 posts) -

I can remember watching this over 2 years ago, it looked like they got really far during the show's run. I would expect that with the same advancement rate, they could have finished the game months ago, or maybe they haven't found any publishers yet.

#10 Posted by Kohe321 (3534 posts) -

I remember this from the gamespot series myself. How is it doing now?

#11 Edited by raddevon (437 posts) -

I initially read the game's title as "Black Power." Now, that's a game I'd like to play.

#12 Posted by DemonLeo (37 posts) -

Well, the game is apparently STILL in development. I'm glad they didn't go under. They went dark for so long, I was kinda worried it was over for them. Last myspace page update was only a few months ago.

#13 Posted by eroticfishcake (7792 posts) -

I've never even seen it before. The concept sounds interesting though.

#14 Posted by TurboMan (7822 posts) -

it's still alive!

#15 Posted by DarthB (262 posts) -

The only thing I could find is a facebook game of the same name.  Can't see anything about the real game for pc or consoles.

#16 Posted by MachoFantastico (4917 posts) -

I was thinking about this game recently to, remember the videos that did for it. Looked interesting and was a unique look into indie game development. Hope something eventually comes of it. 

#17 Posted by Homes (334 posts) -

If all they did was make it into this facebook game, that's kind of sad.

#18 Posted by RoboRobb (1055 posts) -

Totally bumping this topic because hey, What the fuck happened to this game?!?!? I watched the previous websites making of videos and it seemed okay. Anyone else ponder what could have been?

#19 Posted by scottp (253 posts) -

Yeah this was a cool series. The guy with the red hair and the beard was kind of a know it all dick. Watch the last episode and he tries to sell everyone a dell laptop saying "it will change your life" lol.

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