Disney Plans to Shutter Split/Second Developer Black Rock Studio

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#51 Posted by kagekage (722 posts) -

Any time that a developer close its doors is sad. Plus, Pure and Split Second were above average SOLID games. 
It's such a shame, here's to hoping that they'll find work soon.

#52 Posted by zityz (2366 posts) -

WTF? These guys made awesome games. PURE was and still is the ONLY atv game ever worth giving a damn about and Split Second looked really damn good.

It's odd to see how companies that can crank out some good stuff get shut down, and yet Obsidian is still kicking around. Just sayin and this also makes me scratch my head.

#53 Posted by CLinendoll (77 posts) -

I was about to say something about this happening on a holiday weekend, then realized they're based in the UK. Either way, still sucks, as they made great games.

#54 Posted by Fleafa (54 posts) -

Yeah, fuck Disney.

#55 Posted by Enigma_2099 (152 posts) -

But remember... it's the sale of used games that's hurting the industry... [/HEAVY SARCASM]

GOD I hate people like this...

#56 Posted by Ladnar (208 posts) -

Pure and Split/Second were really fun games, wanted them to have a second try at least one of them. I wish all the employees good luck in finding new jobs.

#57 Posted by Kontrapunkt (423 posts) -
@Zabant: Erm... Codemasters? Studio Liverpool. Look at TIGA as well. We're not out of it. We're just not very prominent.
#58 Posted by pot (71 posts) -

Booo! Pure was a great game.
#59 Posted by Xpgamer7 (2411 posts) -

And Disney was suddenly a thing again too.

#60 Posted by HURRyDURRy (30 posts) -

I would say positive reviews mean absolutely nothing now in the world of video games.

#61 Posted by CoolDrMoney (2018 posts) -

Shit, I really liked Pure and Split/Second. I was hoping for more racing titles from them.

#62 Posted by FourWude (2245 posts) -



#63 Posted by art_monkey79 (28 posts) -

I never played any of those games, not much of a race fan, though I can say that stinks.  

#64 Posted by MeatSim (10974 posts) -

I hope everyone can find a new job.

#65 Edited by Coombs (3449 posts) -

                                                      !!!! DAMN YOU MICKEY MOUSE !!!!    

#66 Posted by pickassoreborn (547 posts) -

Hope these guys can land on their feet and find some new work soon - only just rediscovered Split/Second and it is indeed an awesome game.

#67 Posted by Spiffo (13 posts) -

Not a racing game fan myself but I still bought Split/Second and I loved every minute of it. It was less "driving in circles" and more "participating in a car scene in a Micheal Bay movie" and it's a shame they won't be doing it again

#68 Posted by TotalEklypse (1000 posts) -

First off fuck Disney.. Is there anything they don't ruin or at least attempt to ruin? 
Second, so the workers have 90 days to do what? I'd clock in then leave.. make them pay me to search for new work. Make them pay me overtime too.. what are they going to do fire you?

#69 Posted by mcdrew77 (129 posts) -

This is sad state of events. From what I played, Black Rock made very good games. I own Pure and love it.

#70 Posted by Otzlowe (338 posts) -

And this is why I really hope that the indie game industry keeps getting more popular and successful. Corporate games just do not seem to pan out very well. Really hoping that this industry can go back to being more entrepreneurial and driven by the desire to make good games, without having to rely on the cash of the people who would rather have big bucks. :(

#71 Posted by ExtremeJesus (85 posts) -

Definitely not good news for the UK games industry. Especially seeing as their games by all accounts have been pretty good.
Maybe there'll be a silver lining if the 2 new companies go off and succeed.  Really hope so.
Also, ShortRound Games is an awesome name for a games studio.

#72 Posted by ajamafalous (12248 posts) -

I really liked Pure. Fond memories.

#73 Posted by pickassoreborn (547 posts) -

@TotalEklypse: Disney pulled the trick of giving the remaining developers hope by getting them to work on a project for those 90 days. It's happened before, probably happen again.

#74 Posted by shinigami420 (640 posts) -

Pretty terrible to report on black rock shutting down and not report on GameRepublic a far better game developer and it has a much more crazy story of how they shut down

also the dude that made time pilot and streets of rage was the ceo

#75 Posted by iirobdog (27 posts) -

So is this a sing that Disney isn't doing well in their push into the game industry?

#76 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1539 posts) -

The dev could never get the balance right in their games. 

#77 Edited by ReTarDedFisHy (1087 posts) -
@kollay said:

There was a time when Disney showed promise as a solid figure in the industry.

Dun goofed. 

Or should we say... dun GOOFY'D! 
#78 Posted by KingLouis51 (39 posts) -
@iAmJohn: why don't you attempt to bail out Black Rock then? oh, wait... you're not so keen when it's YOUR money at risk. They made good games but at the end of the day publishers are for-profit businesses and if Black Rock failed to turn a profit 5 years in a row then the only logical thing for a businessman to do is shut them down or sell them off.
#79 Posted by iAmJohn (6138 posts) -

@KingLouis51: Wow, way to completely miss the point. Black Rock made excellent games that deserved to do well and mostly didn't because Disney is a pile of shit who, like every media conglomerate that has gotten into the video game business as of late, didn't understand that video games are a gigantic investment and really hard to make profitable (see also: MTV Games). I mean, fuck, look at Split/Second - they launched it against two other arcade racers and Red Dead fucking Redemption; of course it wasn't going to light the charts on fire! Did that stop it from being an excellent game that should have been expanded upon? Fuck no.

The only logical thing for a businessman to do is not waste time in video games if you're not going to do it right, because then you just end up screwing over a ton of people who don't deserve it, and Black Rock don't deserve it. Or are you such a corporate cheerleader that you missed that?

#80 Posted by Silock (237 posts) -

Gay, I LOVED Split/Second!

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