Anyone ever play this amazing game?

#1 Posted by Emilio (3380 posts) -

It's just plain crazy. It's like a cross between Castlevania and Ghouls 'N Ghosts. 
But please don't think that it is exactly that. It is its own game. Good atmosphere, weird graphics. 
Big ol' sprites. Play the arcade version if you can.

#2 Posted by niamahai (1394 posts) -

you racist monkey-molester.

even your avatar pic is racist depiction of a race.

#3 Posted by fox01313 (5089 posts) -

Yes, played it in the arcades as well as Mame, it's up on virtual console if I recall & quite enjoyable.

#4 Posted by Emilio (3380 posts) -
@niamahai: Woaaaah 
@fox01313: Yeah, I got the Virtual Console release. Capcom should bring this back.
#5 Posted by EuanDewar (5098 posts) -

I only ever heard about it back when Adam Boyes was talking about how he wanted it to be the game that was packaged in with Final Fight instead of Magic Sword for that Final Fight:Double Impact thing. Or maybe that was Kraig.

#6 Posted by CommodoreGroovy (561 posts) -

My uncle recommended me this game a few months ago, and I got to finally play it tonight. It's actually pretty great -- the gameplay is really solid and addicting, but you can tell this kind of game used to sucked the quarters like crazy.

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