Black and White 3 with Kinect?

#1 Posted by Pitta (185 posts) -

Am I the only one that thinks this would be awesome? B&W was always a neat game, but lacked total control. This type of game seems PERFECT for this. That, and Molynuex is in bed with MS, so this seems like a win/win? I'd LOVE to play that, and I know it would sell many Kinect add-ons if this game existed... 
Imagine grabbing peasants and skipping them across the water with your bare hands, or casting fireballs to torch villages with a real gesture incantation. Or smacking your pet Cow around! BOOM!

#2 Posted by Ragdrazi (2283 posts) -

Yeah, well, that sounds like it might be cool. But Black & White still wouldn't have been a good game even if the controls were tight. There's nothing like resource management to make you feel really omni-impotent. Maybe with a shit ton more commands. But how do you teach the player those commands and make them intuitive.

#3 Posted by xenexprime (77 posts) -

no, sorry.

#4 Posted by Pitta (185 posts) -
@Ragdrazi: Could abstract the resource management and make the pet do most of it... Im just saying  game like that would be cool. Wouldn't have to follow the traditional B&W super rigidly or anything, just the godly type stuff...
#5 Posted by Ragdrazi (2283 posts) -
@Pitta: Or they could just take out the resource management completely and have a much better game. 
I don't know. This actually might be a good idea.
#6 Posted by Pitta (185 posts) -

I have to think they are at least thinking about it.... It seems like a perfect fit... the whole game was played with a virtual hand and no HUD.... i mean COMMON!

#7 Posted by Anund (940 posts) -

How do you control which peasant to pick up? Unless you'd just move a cursor around on the screen by waving at it...

#8 Posted by Pitta (185 posts) -

Your hand would be the hand in the game. Have you ever played the game?

#9 Posted by Ragdrazi (2283 posts) -

And in the stupid tiger game there are ghost hands that pet the cat.

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