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Reaches high, but falls short 0

Black is an explosive first-person shooter from Criterion Games, the ones responsible for the Burnout series. Like the implication of action, an explosion intensive racing in Burnout, the folks at Criterion hopes to engage players in similar designs in their latest shooter. Black is packed with explosions and loud gunplay settling a fantastic first impression. However, as Blacks action intensive gameplay struggles to hold up, this fantastic first impression quickly becomes a cheap thrill.Black's...

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BLACK and boom 0

BLACK was on many a wish list for quite some time before launch, and in many respects lived up to they hype. However, there is very rarely perfection in a game, and BLACK has its share of flaws that detract from the awesome graphics and initially intense gameplay. Playing the role of a Black-Ops agent, your mission is to hunt down and eliminate the leader of a shadowy terrorist organisation called Seventh Wave. In the somewhat limited story, Seventh wave are international in their scope but stra...

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Black looks and sounds good, but the gameplay has a few problems 0

Black is an explosive shooter that comes from developer, Criterion Games, who is known for their work on the highly successful Burnout series. Black aims to take the type of action seen in movies and put it into a videogame. And for the most part Black does good job of doing this, by including some really good action sequences. But sadly, Black is plagued by many problems that prevent it from reaching its full potential. Black's story places you in the role of Jack Keller. A soldier who is a p...

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BLACK Review 1

Intro: We are all familiar with this situation. We hear all this hype about an upcoming game, it’s getting loads of media and press attention and the screenshots and trailers look amazing. The game gets released and you take the plunge and fork over 50 quid for the game. And when we start playing it makes a great first impression and we believe the hype and attention was deserved, Only to be sitting in front of a screen hours later having finished the game, wondering what all the fuss was ...

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Almost,not quite 0

You play a black ops soldier called Jack Kellar, and he is a 'rogue' and a 'maverick' who doesn't follow orders but gets results .Anyway, the cutscenes are filmed, and it shows Kellar being grilled by a government agent to explain his actions over the previous four days, where a mission to stop a terrorist called Lennox got completely botched. What follows is eight levels of intense gun play, across a variety of locations such as a woodland border checkpoint, a graveyard, a huge fortified bridg...

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Short, sweet, and to the point... 0

I mean this game, not my review. :) Black is a first person shooter by Criterion, the developers of the excellent Burnout series, and for all the eye candy that these guys can throw out there, Black is, ultimately, a very "by-the-book" FPS. One of the very first things a player is going to notice (and love) is the utter chaos that Black feels like during those first two or three levels. As destruction is reaped upon these given levels, the white knuckled excitement of feeling like you're a...

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no substance 0

 Black is probably one of the most hyped games that have came out in a while.. but after all the hype comes dissapointment.The Gameplay is pretty fun and exillerating. This game was described as "Gun Porn" and I can agree to some extent. It is fast and fun, there is always something to blow up and aww about. The opposition is pretty aggressive(especially the shotgun guys). There really aint to many things wrong here... the AI can get stupid from time to time and you might not be hinted on what t...

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Masterpiece 0

Written on March 6, 2006:When the first tech demo of Black was seen, many people couldn't believe an entire game could look that great, especially on an Xbox or PS2. Well, the game is out now and although it's short, it's the most fun you can have shooting a gun without actually shooting a gun.Black is a first person shooter that set in... let's stop right there. All you need to know is that you've got a gun, and plenty of ammo. Sure, there are cut scenes and a typical, mildly cohesive storyline...

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Point, aim and never stop shooting. 0

Black came out in the midst of the Xbox 360 console release, and so it became skipped over by a lot of gamers. This game does one thing well: blowing shit up. The entirety of the game is essentially to move through an environment, disposing of baddies, by making the biggest mess and the loudest noise in the process. How does it stack up? Awesome! The game has specific set pieces such as blowing up a clock tower in the first level, and instead of just watching a few chunks fly off, you see the to...

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Black 0

So, is Black as good as everyone was hoping it would be? Not really. Unfortunately, the game screams “mediocre” in just about every way and does not do anything well enough to distinguish itself from the rest of the typical Xbox shooters. It brings nothing new to the genre, and everything it does we have seen done better in other games. Let’s start with the weaponry in the game, as Criterion has said they are the star of the show. The assortment of weapons is your typical shooter selection. You ...

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One trick Pony with three legs 0

Black is one of those I had a hard time deciding what score I'd give it. Sure, the game is really good, it does what it sets out to do, really, really well. Shooting the 15 or so real world weapons is a blast. AK-47s, UZIs and even RPGs will help you destroy an load of faceless troops. The combat is very smooth, and features some incredible animations, reloads and even some wicked muzzle flashes, basically, all the weapons feel and play like monsters However, this accompanied by a staunted Singl...

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Does Black live up to the title "Gun Porn"? 0

Over the years First Person Shooting games have quickly become one of the most popular and established genres in the game industry. The genre first gained popularity on the PC in the early nineties with games like Doom, Castle Wolfenstein and Duke Nukem. Fps games then moved to the home console with the likes of Goldeneye, Medal of Honor and Halo. While some titles are sci-fi or historically based, they are all the same. Swap out the weapons and settings and you have the same core gameplay. This...

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Black Looks Good, Explodes Good, But Plays OK. 0

Black is the first, first person shooter (FPS) from Criterion Games and EA, it does a lot of things really well but lacks in the depth department and wears thin after it's all said and done. The story of Black puts you in the shoes of Sgt First Class, Jack Keller. When the game first starts you have been put in custody for an apparent mission gone wrong and are being debriefed by this stereotypical military "suit" character (who also has the gruff typical voice to match) and the story, if you ca...

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Fun, but not without its problems 0

I finished Black in just under four hours. All in all, this does not serve as a fair commentary on the game’s length. What I feel I must admit is that I have previously cleared Black many, many times -- not so many as to be uncountable, but enough times to where I’ve stopped bothering counting. I know enemy patterns and I know all the surprises. You can glean from this that I am not the most impartial person that will ever critique Black. I like Black, and I like it a lot. For me, I can v...

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An excellent looking shooter 0

Black looks and plays good from the moment you turn it on.The story is told out well you are a solider named Keller and each conversion he has refers to a mission which is then flashbacked so you get to play that mission. The first mission you play through is great which excellent graphics, glass breaking everywhere and intense shooting.At the end of each mission you get a stats screen the best feature on it I think is how many enemies you killed, did you get them all.....?The only two bad thing...

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