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The Blackhawk is a unique .44 Magnum found in Fallout 3. It can be acquired from Agatha, after completing the quest ' Agatha's Song', and bringing her some sheet music to play. In order to actually receive the pistol, you must be polite to her during the entire time you are in contact with her. When she speaks of a reward, there will be an option reading 'Yes, anything you have to spare'. If you select it, she will give you the Blackhawk, and it will not impact your Karma. 
The Blackhawk is the most powerful small gun in the game, when used at medium to short range, unless the Broken Steel downloadable content is installed, in which case Callahan's Magnum edges the Blackhawk out. The weapon is a popular choice of players who use the Small Guns skill frequently, and has very little recoil. The only real disadvantage to the Blackhawk is that it relies on the relatively difficult to find .44 round.
The Blackhawk actually makes a better sniping weapon than the designated sniper rifle of the game, as it has higher damage, and packs one round more than the sniper rifle.

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