Anyone else playing this game?

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I've been playing it for a few days now and I'm really liking it. For a free to play game, I'm surprised how good it is. It almost feels like a retail game. Like if it was only the multiplayer component of a full retail game. I don't feel like the micro-transaction model is a "pay to win" situation at all. It's all very smartly done. I'm having a lot of fun with it and haven't put any real money into it.

Check this game out, it's pretty good.

Also, playing this game while listening to Dubstep is fucking dope.

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Hmm, I may check it out but I was so soured by the original game that I won't get my hopes up.

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I've dabbled in it a little bit before going on Super Monday Night Combat, but I really enjoyed my 5-10 hours with it, I really love FPS's and was quite surprised how good it felt, had more fun with this than with MW3 and BF3. Only thing is, it takes ages to save up for anything, if you want to unlock anything permanently at least.

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I've been playing it a little, because it's so fast to quick match and get into a game. Unfortunately, my love of short, fast gaming means I'll probably never build up enough experience to keep anything unlocked.

I have a feeling I'll keep peeking into it every couple days until it's empty, though.

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just got this via steam. very impressed.

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I wasn't able to play it so I deleted it.

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This game is really, really fun and for a f2play game it's also pretty balanced. I didn't put any money into it but after playing for a few hours I regulary scored 3rd, 2nd or even first place. Your visor thingy that allows you to see through walls for a short amount of time is a great addition because it prevents camping (it's kinda risk-reward because you can't shoot while you have it activated and it takes some time to deactivate) and the hardsuit (a contollable mech) is a great killstreak. The shooting feels good, the customization options are insane and then there's dubstep. To conclude this post, here are three last words of advice: SHOOT THAT GUY!

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just got it off steam. Looking forward to sitting down and giving it a try when I have time.

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Lovin it so far, but I cannot fucking stand the fact that all the shit I want is locked behind levels 20-30. I know it may not be an issue for some, but i feel like I'm focusing more on trying to progress as fast as possible and not focusing as much on just having fun. It's hard to explain really, but it's distracting.

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Been playing a bit of this now that it's on steam and I'm having a good time. At first I thought that all off the items were way too expensive, but then I realized that you can rent the pre-made ones (most of which are decent) for 200gp, which is easily made back in 1-2 matches. That is probably my favorite part of the system.

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I learned something fun while playing this game: The Hardsuit may be tough to beat head on, but one flamethrower is all it takes to roast the poor sucker inside! Much easier.

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CoD+Dubstep? What's not to hate?

Just joking (kind of) it's alright, but if you're going to invest time into this kind of game you mareswell buy the real thing. Then again i'm not a huge fan of the F2P model, so I may be a little jaded.

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This game looks kinda hot on my machine, so I'm digging it and it's free.@DocHaus: I got taken down from behind this way- it is effective.

@BoOzak: I'm with you. I though find this game ok. I'm having a good time with the level up rewards getting into the game. I see where I can spend actual money but it doesn't smack me in the face and so far I'm finding I'm relatively competitive on a completely free budget.

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Played the game a little, i'm at lvl 4 now, half way to 5. Been enjoying it so far. Pretty high production value.

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This game is way better than Call of Duty. I don`t like CoD, and I love Blacklight. The HRV (wallhack) mode combined with the larger map sizes really prevents the game from being a constant clusterfuck like CoD.

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Yeah, really enjoying this game. More than just about any call of duty in years. Wish I could just pay $20 or something for it and not have to pay for unlocks.

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I'm loving the game. I just wish I had a faster video card. DX11 kicks my GTX 550ti's ass, unless I run it at half the resolution.

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I played the first one. It was aight. I had fun with it.

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Free and awsome graphics, ofcourse i play this!

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