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#1 Posted by OlehBubalehWTM (12 posts) -

Yotube alrdy has some nice video montages of Blacklight Retribution. A lot of players make videos every day. In this topic i want start video demonstration. If u have some interesting materials, replays or montages post them here. Have fun!=)

For example i can post my first videos. One from open beta & next from full version=) Dont be so strict & enjoy=)

Video Montage from OPEN BETA:

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My second video from full realese:

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My friend video montage: (Max Settings)

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If you want to share your YouTube channel there's a thread on the boards to do this. Using your forum privileges just to post multiple new threads to show off your videos is not something we allow users to do though. What's more any user creating a thread where they embed YouTube videos is required to write a significant amount of text (at least one paragraph please) written in a way that will incite discussion, as opposed to a few lines which say little more than "Here are our videos, watch them".


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