Is there room for a GB group/clan/posse/whatev

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So I like this game. It's free, it looks sweet and 'scratches that itch.' This is the first remotely sci-fi shooter that has truly felt 'science fiction' to me. Between the wall hack visor (which feels way better than the Predator implementation from AVP) and the hard suit (which feels a bit like a slower front mission mecha) I'm in love with this game and it's freeness.

Anyways- I don't think it's free to make a clan but we should probably friend each other if we play this game alot. I'm totally interested to see how coordination could make this game more fun! So here goes.

In the game I'm mfpantst, what's your tag?

GB NameBlacklight Name
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Hey add me if you want. My name ingame is Turkalurch.

The game is actually pretty good. I'm personally loving the way you can customize your guns. Actually it's pretty much like crafting a customized gun now that I think about it.

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I'm playing this game quite a bit. In-game name is bitteralmond.

I also love the gun customization, and the fact that you can pick up downed enemy and teammate guns to see what other people are playing with.

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If we can get the list up to 8 people (enough to have one side of a team match) I'll start a clan. Challenge dropped.

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Oh fuck yes. I loved the game, but I stopped playing because I didn't have anyone to play with #foreveralone

BLN: BabyChooChoo

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I assume you're in the US. If you don't mind a ~220ms Aussie in your midst, add Eviternal Sweeto to the list. (Edit: Forgot my damn name)

Aussie servers are down at the moment so I'm using US servers anyway (apologies in advance for lagging)!

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I have been enjoying it so far. I even found myself dropping some cash for an XP boost. So.... ya, that might have been dumb. But, anyway, I like the game and would love to play with some duders. Bedeviled is the name: here and there.

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We're one away from 8 and me buying a clan!!

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I've been playing it a bit over the past week or two and I'll throw my name down and add all you guys.
Blacklight name is probably SuperRad. It's my soldier's name which is what I think is needed.
Edit: Requests sent out to everyone except Eviternal. It doesn't work. Tried it like 10 times. Even wrote it down on a piece of paper to make sure I had it right.

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@Eviternal: @SuperWristBands: Seconded. I haven't been able to get that to work either.

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That was my fault, sorry.

Soldier name is Sweeto. I'll send/re-send requests in a sec.

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My tag is ChibaCityBlues. EU server though..

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Add me to the list Tag: QuakerOats77

I get on every so often.

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@mfpantst: Throw me on there! User-name is the same as my Giantbomb hande: ck1nd.

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